Day 2 of 5 DAY mini Holiday Challenge!

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Welcome to Day Two of our Mini Challenge! Today, I challenge you to put a Christmas tree in your scene! Can you think out of the box and make the tree out of something you have laying around? Pipe Cleaner? What about a Bottle Brush? Dried Princess Pine? Check out this video I found on how to make a tree out of String! (START AT 6 MINS):  

I made my tree out of this awesome green pipe cleaner I found! This was my first attempt and well… It will do for now. I simply cut different lengths of the pipe cleaner and then wrapped each piece up the trunk (Wooden Skewer from the Kitchen); Larger ones on the bottom and smaller towards the top.

PS…. don’t forget the Skirt! Post Pictures of what you have done so far!

Find Day One Here:

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