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  • Dollhouse Miniatures Quick Tips

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    Poppy Flower

    easy and affordable way to make flowers!

    First find an artificial plant that will work for leaves. Put a generous amount of glue on the tip of the leaves and then dip in glue! Amazing!

    Easy DIY Molds

    use caps!

    Explore the bathroom cabinet for caps and set in a 2-part mold putty for easy Molds. Make the perfect Cupcakes.

    Want a cheap, easy floor?

    use paper!

    Want a slightly worn look? Try lightly sanding the paper and then glaze with Triple Thick. After dry, score the tile lines. To age it even more and to bring out the scored lines apply black/tan shoe polish!

    What Glue to Use

    gluing metal together?

    I use E600 when gluing metal together. This glue is also great for paper, jewelry making and fabric.

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