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Beth is an amazing artist! I feel there isn't anything she can't do when tackling a project in her craft room. She loves Painting, Miniatures, Ceramics, pottery, mosaics, hand painted clothing and the list goes on! 

Listen as we chat about her new found passion... miniatures. We talk about the dollhouse her dad started back in the 1980s and how she got to finished it. Also listen about her struggles and wins when she recently built her first house from scratch. All with NO plan, just an idea and lots of fun.Find Beth at:

"my world does not function unless I'm creating something."


0:04  Hello friends, and welcome to my miniature obsession podcast. I'm your host, Rachel Karpf. This podcast is about all things miniature, we will explore the world of minis. And all its raw talent, dedication, patience, and the new energy of this art form. hear from miniature hobbyists and professionals from all over the world, we will gain a deeper insight into the creative processes that drive them. We will also explore what their biggest struggles are their most devastating failures, and the most uplifting successes, I hope to encourage and inspire you in your miniature hobby. Because even the ordinary become extraordinary in miniature.

0:54  Hello, friends, I'm back for another episode of my monitor obsession podcast. I'm your host, Rachel, I hope that you are enjoying fall. here in Wisconsin, it's been very warm. So it doesn't really quite seem like fall yet, but I'm sure soon the cold weather will come in. And I will be well assured that it is fall. So things here are going really well. I get to create managers every day. So what could be better, right. And I'm also really, really excited to share with you what I've been working on the last few weeks. So I have partnered with Holly of Aspen miniatures. So watch for her episode, her podcast episode in the next few weeks. And so Holly and I are launching what we call the mini district. And it's going to be amazing. If you haven't seen in social media, share it a little bit. So I thought it would be fun for you guys listening, I'm going to share a little bit more about what the district is. So it's an online community for managers. And it will be housed on the same website. And the navigation around this website is going to be extremely user friendly. There's nothing worse than joining a membership and you get lost in the website. So you're definitely not going to do that. With this website. It's going to be super friendly, user friendly. So inside that community or that district, excuse me, we are going to have a library, which with any library has, we're going to have some free ebooks, we're going to have a warehouse that's going to have lots of free downloads, and freebies. We're going to have a school for what else but education and miniatures. And we're also going to house monthly classes there are going to have a cafe where you can chat with other managers from around the world in our forums. And the most exciting part to me is the shopping district. So this is exciting to me because it's organized by item or supply. So let's say you're in need of some shingles, you simply click on shingles and then all the suppliers that sell shingles will show up. So to me this is super amazing because I get so frustrated when I'm trying to find something exact in miniature and I can't. So this is going to make your shopping so much easier. So I'm really excited for the district to this happy mile to open up. So head on over to the mini district comm now and sign up for our newsletter. That way you can be informed when the construction of the district is complete, and you can be one of our first citizens of the district. Also, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook at mini district. This is important because then you can be informed of all the freebies and the giveaways that we will be giving away in the next few weeks. So that's at the mini district. You can find us on both Instagram, and Facebook. So let's get on to today's episode, I had the privilege of talking with Beth and I loved my conversation with Beth and I bet it is so easy to talk to you that actually Beth is going to be part of our district also. So more details coming up on that. But I hope that you enjoy our conversation and if you would please take a screenshot and share it on your social media and tag me at Mic drop managers. And if you'd be so kind please leave me a review. I'd love to hear what you think of this podcast and what you would like to see future episodes on. So and also don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on future episodes. Until then, take care and I hope to hear from you soon. Beautiful thank you so much for meeting with me today Beth about well this is so fun. Yeah talking about minis what's what could be better right miniatures. So you are an artist I see a beautiful you have beautiful, beautiful paintings and collages. And by the way, I love that collage. Do you did have your sister on Instagram? Oh,

5:11  never again.

5:12  No, I love doing collages. I I haven't done one for so long. But that one is beautiful. Especially because you created this collage out of photos from her Instagram. Yeah. So how big is the cost? I have to ask is it

5:31  was it was pretty. I mean, it was probably 12 by 16.

5:36  Maybe a pretty big so yeah, it's beautiful. how long they've

5:40  been a little bit bigger. Forever. It took me forever. Because I Well, first her hair. That was the hard hard part was getting her hair. Because the way it was in the picture I use so much stuff was showing from underneath it. Yeah, where it's split and everything. So it was it was really. And I've never done anything like that before that was the first and only because my other sister went, I won't want us to know. Love you. But no,

6:09  I'll teach you how to do it. Right? No, it's totally beautiful. So can you talk about how you went from might do still paint. 

6:18  I haven't painted in a couple of years. Um, I have painted those since I started taking art lessons when I was six years old. And I took them all private and in school till I was in college. And I had intended to major in art. And then I had a really bad experience with an art teacher. And that just turned me off. But I never took another course after my freshman year. And but then I want to be an interior design. But back in the dark ages, you had to pass chemistry. Well, that was not going to happen. I mean, even my chemistry teacher at Alabama, you could not drop chemistry. Once you signed up, my teacher said I'm going to write a letter so you can drop chemistry because you're never in

7:06  my chemistry for interior design.

7:09  I don't know they were trying to weed people out or when the because I asked that. And they said well, you need to know how chemicals react with fabrics and whatever. I just think they were weeding people out. Because it had become a big thing back in the 70s. And a lot of people were in it. And so I ended up in advertising, which I never used for anything. But I've always done art. I mean, I have always done some sort of art. I've done pretty much every kind of art. Even when my kids were little I didn't have a job job, I was still did ceramics and sold them I did hand painted children's clothes and sold Oh, I was always selling something with my art that I did. And but my husband's mother fell a couple years ago. And I'm just I'm a happy painter. And it was a very sad time because they sent her home basically, just today. And so for five months, she consumed our life, and we had sitters, but still she's just such a delightful person, and so sad and I just didn't want to pay at all. And then COVID and then I really didn't want to paint. And so I started the dollhouse thing again, because I've already done one,

8:21  or you did and that was my questions. It's like, the first one is when I look at like your Instagram. I'm like, for someone that just this is her first house man. She nailed it on the first attempt. She's amazing. So this is your second then?

8:35  Well, the first one. My dad, I have a little sister who is 19 years younger than me. She was born. The day I came home from my freshman year in college. And he had built a dollhouse. An old Victorian house, he got the real house plans from a house and where we used to live in opelika, Alabama, and he recreated it as a dollhouse because they were turning it into a bank. And they wanted it. And so it's in the lobby of the bank after he built it. And then he gave it to my ad for her two daughters. And after that, he went well, I'll build one for my little sister. And this is probably in the mid 80s or, and he's and it was from a kid. And he started it and I guess he just kind of lost interest because it was a kid. And he has he's a contractor. And I think the fun part for him was building another one from scratch, even though he's following the house plans, and he just, he just they drag it around everywhere they've moved. And so a couple years ago, he said, Do you want to finish this for your granddaughter? Because my granddaughter was five at the time and I said oh yeah, I'll try it. And you know, I know how to build stuff because I've just got it from him, I guess through osmosis and I have, I have more power tools than my husband has. And so have all these saws and thanks for them, I've always been building stuff, and temperature opera. And he had not done much on it. I mean, he had put the bottom floor together a couple of the walls, a little bit of the flooring. And so that, you know, it was pretty much to start from scratch thing. And so I finished building that out for her. But I knew nothing about what I was doing. And I knew nothing about the miniature world and what was going on. Because I was still painting at the time. And that was pretty much I did this in my spare time. And I finished it and I gave it to her and she loved it. And that was all fun about everything that went in it. Except for the wallpaper because I used to have a graphic design business. Aren't you a graphic designer? I am. Yeah, I had a graphic design business on Etsy where else you know, sell digital downloads and stuff. And so I made all the wallpapers that went in, that's pretty much the only thing I made. And I was kind of over and done, but I was having fun. So I started this one, I just started the bottom for putting the walls up, had no idea what I was gonna do. And then I said it's sad, went back to painting full time until my husband's mother got sick. And so that and after all of that after she passed away, and I did a few other projects when COVID started at home. Now when I'm on drag that ball house back out, and I want Okay, well, what should they what happens and I have no I had no plan, I still really have no plan. I just kind of go and see what hits me.

11:41  So it's amazing, like, I don't even know so where do you go for inspiration or to make things like for example, like you made us this amazing stove that I wanted my real kitchen. I love that. So like when you look at something like that use just fine pictures, can you kind of walk us through the process of how you would even make that even, like seen it like come on, it's amazing

12:09  I went to I think I just went on and looked up luxury stove or something like that and looked at the pictures found when I lived and then I got the I went to wherever they sell them and I got the actual measurements so that I could scale it down to be the right size. Okay, and so that's kind of what I did on that same thing with a refrigerator. And then I just measured my own dishwasher and and built it but I did scale it down to be the right size all of them.

12:41  So where are you using your how you cut the wood

12:46  glowforge video is also

12:49  on my want list and I just can't I don't know. I don't know I really want it so bad so maybe do this you can talk me into it. Okay, but so you go for it and then you just paint it and you're designing one Illustrator. How are you designing your pieces?

13:06  Yeah, for Blackboard, you have to save it as Oh gosh, I'm having a senior moment. Whatever. Yes, yes. And so I do that in Illustrator and which is where ma really is easy. And you know that i mean that once you know how to do it, it's not hard. And so yeah, everything I just go in there and design it and and then you just send that the glowforge hooks up by Wi Fi to your computer or whatever. And so you just send it and tell him to print and it cuts it out and I have not explored everything the glowforge does because it does all that engraving and stuff and I hadn't learned how to do any of that yet. But I do use the knobs on the glowforge and the handles are that are just the main structure

13:58  um, yeah, the knobs on there I think I cut out a little circles and then cut the little piece that goes on top because it can cut tiniest tiniest things. Like if you look on the top of my refrigerator it has a bent on one of those bad things. And the little pieces are probably not a half a millimeter I mean they're tiny, but it'll cut it out without destroying it. It's amazing. And I could have never done the floor in my entrance hall without that. Yeah there's no way

14:33  and did you do you have working like oven doors and everything on your stove because you have a light in there.

14:40  I have a light in both sides and yes, the doors open and I remade the stupid wire racks and they are about five times because the end I would really probably except I really want them to be wire. So that's why and I'm not good at soldering at I really needed to learn how to do that better but um yeah I wanted them to be wired like they are in the stone otherwise I would cut them out on the golf board but I just don't think it be the same

15:13  is the electricity wired so it's just a battery or do you have to get to like you know through the way

15:22  all of my all of my house except for two openings are all wired together and I started out doing it with the white wire that plugs into the little plug things and then I discovered the LED light and I like them so much better. For one thing, you can hook 50 LED lights to one transformer and and I found Adam Evans designs, they have a fab you can where you can hook different rooms and turn on the lights from one room to another I can't remember what is a fab switch thing but all of your things go to that you can hook them up to different things so I can turn off the lights in the kitchen or I can turn on lights in the dining room and turn them off and but they're all wired to the same thing and it's not hard

16:14  so it's just the challenge would be to hide the wire right

16:18  and there and those wires led wires are so much smaller than like the white I mean those are pretty small but these are even smaller. Okay and and and what I do anyway is our cut out map board and I glue it to my wood for my walls and everything because it's easier to paint it when it's flat and it's also easier if you're putting any molding or anything on it when it's flat or any whatever and then glue it to the butcher the wooden wall so all of my wires on hand there so you can't see them at all

16:54  that's a good way because a lot of people would like the tape wire and they would have to wallpaper to hide that and that's a good idea so yeah so your glowforge I don't know you hear so many things like it's toxic for your family because if especially if you're cutting acrylic or you could go blind I've heard that a few times or you need good exhaust and so there's all these like negative things about laser cutters but I still want one so bad

17:21  well I have mine I mean I have I have mine with my husband took out like a dryer round because it has the hole in the back and for that and a lot of comes with that at the NYU he hooked it up and we opened a window that's right behind it and we put in place I don't know what he did but he rigged it up so that the wind is I don't have to open and close and everything it goes out into event and on the outside we put one of those PVC is a PVC pipe that he screw I can screw and unscrew the cap on so that I don't have to you know take the bounce of an arm all the time but it yeah it smells terrible outside you know when it's on like that, but it it doesn't really doesn't smell on the house. I mean, you can smell it a little but not nothing bad. And yeah, you're not supposed to look at the laser when it's cutting that I had looked at it and I'm not blind. Yeah.

18:25  Yeah, like I said, no, maybe someday. So is your house complete?

18:31  No, gosh, no, I'm on the second floor. I'm working on my dam right now. And then I had the whole third floor to go which is the master bedroom and bath and closet. Hello girls Roman and nursery. And then I have above that the roof which will have I'm not sure. I don't know what I really think I want to artist studio up there. And maybe a play room. I don't know. I definitely add a crack and put you know,

19:01  I think there's a studio being your you know, a painter and an artist. Have you thought about making miniature paintingss

19:09  Oh, yes. I've already made some. Oh, you have okay. And I hadn't hung them up. Yeah, well, I do I have one in my dining room. Okay, well what I did, I didn't paint it printed out one of my paintings that I have and hung it in there. And so I've done several of those. I just haven't really hung it anywhere. But I think I do want to paint a couple just for the doll house.

19:31  Yeah, I'm curious to see what you'll if it's more of a challenge for you to paint little or if you know because you paint in big so I would love to hear what you think of if it's Oh,

19:43  it'll definitely be hard for me because I'm used to painting very large. I most of my paintings are at least 24 by 36. Yeah, and so I like painting big but I probably wouldn't do anything but yeah abstract if I do that because there's no way something that's small I can pay anything

20:05  much work it is this Did you say I don't remember

20:08  oh it's not a kid.

 20:10  Okay this is not the kid

20:11  Okay, this is just as my imagination goes changes every day it's not you know I don't have plans I mean I drew out I did draw out the plans for the third floor for the bedroom because I actually have an interior designer the orchard she just does bathrooms and kitchens and here in town and she wants she wants to design my bathroom for my dollhouse and I went please do it I'm so tired of trying to think up stuff and so she's gonna she's gonna design my bath my master bath for me.

 20:49  Awesome. Would you call your house modern

20:52  It would it is model Yeah. Okay.

20:55  And I just came across your blog the other day where you showed how to make a TV a flat screen TV to hang on the wall out of an old cell phone how genius is that? So we'll give the link to where they can find that but how did you ever think of doing something like that

21:14  will actually my parents gave me a bunch of old computer stuff to throw away for them because they didn't know how to get the hard drive out all that in in the box where they're too old cell phones and I hooked them up to my wife they still work and hooked up to my wife and I'm like this would make a perfect TV I would throw this away and so I had to figure out a way so I could still slot it out and turn it on and do all that and so and it works great. I mean I do have to go and plug it in and you know recharged and alive but if I use it but it's the funniest everybody thinks that's the coolest thing in the house right now.

21:54 Who wouldn't want a flat screen TV right in their house that's awesome. So you so let's see you are working on I'm just looking at your house do you have what is the room with the checkered floors and it's got like these really bold patterns on the walls that your game room

22:16  that's the home gym,

22:18  the home gym okay

22:21  I know my son said Is this your dream house and I said no. I would never have a home gym a monitoring exercise then it no the bottom floor has the game room a pool bathroom, the gym, a wine cellar and a potting shed on the main on the bottom floor. And then the second floor has a two story entry hall, the kitchen the dining room and the deer and the den is what I'm working on right now.

22:50  That's so cool. So you talk very openly about your failures how you know you sometime I tried this 10 times and didn't work or 100 whatever Can you tell what would you say is your biggest failure that you just couldn't overcome I guess or maybe maybe you overcome all of them and just keep trying but is there one that sticks out in your mind the most

 23:19  my biggest failure is not to plan i mean i should plan more I just jump in start doing it and go okay this this doesn't work watch that. Let me try it. But I've always done that way. And so I think a works better for me. I mean even though it does entail a lot of person, a lot of screaming a lot of throwing my husband left the house one day when I was making the refrigerator he said I have to get out of here. Yeah, you were so angry. And I was because I was trying to get the doors on and I hate hinges. hinges are my nemesis. I just hate them. And I've got to figure out I did them with tape and fabric or something I can't remember but I don't like that. I really want to I want to learn how to do them better.

 24:13  That's why I asked Is it have work indoors because I hate them too.

 24:18  Yeah, they open and that works pretty well. But if they don't stay open, like if they were hinged. I mean they don't stay open as well. But But yeah, I just and it's not a lebrons go Oh, how do you have the patience? And I said well first of all you should know I have no patience. If you're my friend, zero I'm in the Negative Zone on patience. I said but I am determined. I will not let something when I want to win so I mean it's kind of what the chandelier and the entrance hall that took me months because I had to step away so many times because everything I did was a failure at first

  25:00  How would you How do we describe that someone that can't see it right now i mean it's

  25:06  it's well if they know what your Julio is, and I really got my husband and I went to Vegas and the entire ceiling in the Bellagio is delta Hoolies flowers. And I was so just undone by how fabulous that was that I've never forgotten that so when I started doing this I want I want to do something that no one else has in a dollhouse or at least that I've ever seen. So I'm going to do one of those and started trying to figure out how to do it and it was actually went on YouTube and went how to make a fake to who we flower just to see that there was and there was there was a there was a YouTube video about taking this journal our acrylic paper I guess which I already had because it is an artist paper and you can paint on it but it's clear acrylic and this woman cut out flowers and she folded them up and she clipped him with a paperclip and dropped them in boiling water and then when you take them out and open them up they kind of stay in the form but it did not take the paint well. I tried 10 different kinds of pain I tried markers I tried every kind of paint and I tried before I dipped them and after I dipped and after you dip is really hard to paint them because they're crinkled and so then I moved on to making resin I actually made flowers out of clay and then I made my own silicone mold and push the flowers in there and then scored a UV Resin in them and they are the most realistic the best that looked like glass and then I use some of my acrylic I cut on the glowforge and held it over the stove and and then shaped it a little bit but that that was that really took way more time than I want you have to really heat it before you can do that and I'm like I said not patient. So that was that is hard to the long swirly things

27:13  for how long do you think you have in that how much time

 27:19  I have no idea and I ended up using every single experiment that I did on the final one because I didn't want to have to remake and I wasn't sure which one I liked the best or you know so I just used them all and it ended up looking great.

27:34  Yeah it's a beautiful You say you have no patience but man it sure sounds like you must have just a little unless you're really that

 27:44  I can my children can attest no patience. I'm glad that determination I mean determination is you know if you want to do it and I wanted it I really really wanted that but that's also why I had to step away a bunch of times because I was like I'm being defeated here and I don't like being defeated

  28:04  it is know that other artists feel that frustration or you know that failure once in a while because when you look on Instagram or Facebook or you know anyone's accountant just like everything just looks so perfect and then you know it's it's reassuring to know that other people feel that because I definitely feel that too I get frustrated when I can't

28:28  when my box disasters I mean it is a humongous and it because I'm a hoarder. I can't throw anything out because I know I could probably still take this apart and use sales and well for instance, a big mistake originally had a spouse staircase in coming up from the wine cellar into my kitchen and an ad sitting in the in the box of mistakes. And it's a beautiful staircase. And I'll use it some on another house. But um but when when I started building out my kitchen, I put my stove in walking over Musto the left side, right left out of my stove because the staircase was in the way. So I had to take it out. I had to patch the ceiling in the wine cellar. I had to fix the floor in the kitchen and I was like, Okay, this is where I need to plan.

29:22  I don't think your dad would be too impressed. Right? Then do you say he was the arkitekter?

29:31  Oh, yeah, no, my dad he's just like, I don't know why you don't draw this out. And why? Yeah, cuz he's very precise and very, yeah. But he he is probably the person that is the most enamored with it. I am a husband. Yes. And he thinks it's fabulous. And he is my greatest cheerleader. But thank goodness because he's gonna put up with summer and and it you know, he calls me a funk. Because I am taking he said you just creep and you you have taken over two or three rooms now and you keep going and I said well can you think of something better than a fungus to call but I guess I am

30:13  I guess maybe it would have to build you on your own dial house room tell him that maybe Oh, I had

30:19  that I have a she shed in my backyard that used to be my art studio. Now it has all my big saws, the table saw and the jigsaw and compound whatever other all my big saws are out there and a lot of stuff that I don't use much we converted our garage or one car garage into my studio where I really painted more because it wasn't even though I have air in my shisha it's still I'm in Alabama it gets really hot. And it wasn't good for my paints and stuff to be out there. So I kind of moved all that inside a long time ago. And then he had an office when COVID started he had closed his brick and mortar stationery store so he had an office in another room well I switched him out and I put him out in my old studio even though I still have probably two thirds of stuff in there his mom and I took over his office. And that's really where I work now. So I have like I had did a video about the fireplaces that I've taken over in our house 

31:29  it's okay, that's fine. You know, he doesn't care. You talk about that big box of failures. Maybe you could do one more class how but how cool would it be to do like a 3d collage with all your failures? Your creative

31:45  saving them okay, but because half of it is kitchen cabinets. I mean I did kitchen cabinets and I didn't like them and so I put I took them out and put and changed up i mean i use song in my new kitchen but but some of them I didn't like and then the upper cabinets and so they're in there but I'll use those another time and I'll definitely use that spiral staircase because it's beautiful. Good.

32:14  One thing I love about miniatures is you can use so many creative abilities you know like carpentry wood you know what the woodwork and then you can paint things like that. And you You sound so creative. Is there anything that is a struggle for you like clay you seem to work really well with clay anything?

32:33  Well I have every I mean there's not an art supply I've ever met that I did not love and I pretty much own I saw somebody on Instagram, they Madeline's minis and she was doing the little pottery and I went okay I have to have a potting wheel thank goodness it was only $32 but I played with it I just had mastered it yet but I want to play with that more just got a 3d printer so that I can make that's hard it is the learning curve on this is hard but sweet Anna from Little House of lights helped me the other day I mean for hours helped me to get my first to tell me how to do it and I had watched 100 YouTube videos I'd read everything because I hate asking somebody to help me when I know they she's got all those little children she taken care of and stuff but she was great. So we're gonna make first the person I've already made some shoes because they don't take a lot of resin and I wanted to figure out how to do it without using up something with a ton of resin first

33:43  I did you get a like the liquid or did you get the filament

34:20 I got the resin resin, okay, because it's smoother, but I don't I don't really know what all I want to make. But like I really wanted to make shoes because I want to paint my own shoes. I want to do them the way I want to do them even though I bought some from some other people. But I want to I just want to do because that's what I like to do. I want to make my own stuff. I mean like I made my dining room chairs. I made my dining room table. I didn't even know I can do that. Way ahead, but I found the most expensive dining room table I could find I went looking online, you know, I think that's what I put in most expensive diapers $32,000 with all this gold inlay and stuff. And so I copied it and it was fine. And I copied one of my mother in law's chairs that she loved for my daughter in chairs.

34:39  That's so cool. I have to see someone's trying to get in our zoom meeting. I'm like I don't have another meeting right now. Anyway, so um Yeah, I do love that table. By the way. It is so cool. Like making things that you want here real house like that would be nice. It's awesome. I think that 3d printers really going to open up a whole new world to you, you can make anything now,

35:07  I guess the reason I wanted is because I think I could make the flowers for MMA, if I can figure out how to make them, I can print them in transparent resin, and redo my chandelier, and where would be all the same thing. And I've had so many people that want to do something like that, that I maybe could print them, let them paint their own and make their own. Made, I'm not really trying to turn this into something that makes money but because that's pretty much ruined every hobby I've ever had. And I don't want to ruin this the fun of bells is I'm not, it's not a business. But if I can do some things like that, and I was talking to somebody this morning. And I, they said the same thing. They want to paint their own shoes. And I said, Well, I'll print you some and you can paint your own. Because that's really what I want wish people would sell them with nothing. And I can do my own. So there I think a lot of people that do this, do like to create their own stuff, and do it the way they want. And so if I can make some stuff like that and say, here you go. And here's how I put it together. And you can go paint your own flowers and glue them on and do it your way. That would be fin

36:25  So what how are you going to what program are you going to design in for the

36:31  epic as well, there's tinkercad. And there are a bunch of different ones. I think tinkercad is what a lot of people use. But I mean, I've not even tried that yet. I'm just happy that I got a couple of shoes to print that, you know I got a free file for that. So I have not tried to make my own files yet at all.

36:49  That's what I've been using. And I just get so frustrated because I if for example I was making a picture the other day, a pouring pitcher and I just wanted the the spout to be like rounded at the end. And I just like the littlest things he gets, it can get you frustrated.

37:08  Yes, I get I haven't even gone down that rabbit hole.

37:12  I guess it's a good thing I'm determined to because once I start doing something like nope, I gotta do this.

37:21  yeah, I mean, tinkercad, I think is a good program to start off with. But I think I need to advance to the next one where you can get, you know, more curve to something or So good luck with that. And if you ever need help, I guess I don't really I'm not an expert either. But reach out. I can't wait to see what you are going to create. So how does someone find you? I know you are on Instagram. And I know you have a website, right? Do you want to barely starting? Yeah, I used to I mean, I had a great art website. But you know, I didn't want to try to turn that into this. And also it was on Shopify, because I was selling my art. And I'm not selling so I wouldn't pay I there's no reason to pay for shop, hated to get rid of it. But it's kind of useless. So I just decided this would be fun to have. And I really did want to do it like a real estate website because I thought this is so fun. This is I'm selling real estate. And I do want to sell my house when I've finished. That is something I want to do. Because I want to do another one. I already have like three or four ideas for other ones, but I will have to get a new house. If I wanted to do

38:38  Oh, no, no. I don't. I mean, just because I know I can make another one. Now I don't you know, and I don't know about selling the stuff. No, I mean, I mean, like the furniture and stuff, but if somebody wants it, yeah, cuz I know I can make it again. Okay, but you know, it's just I would live for so I have it, they won't. The mics there. And what you know, wants to do it. But I think part of the fun for that for people that don't like it is to find their stuff that they want to put in it. You know, buy that stock or whatever. That's for me, it's the fun of making it.

39:18  That's true. I guess when I just get so attached to it. Especially like if it I don't know, maybe I would, I don't know maybe I would be able to sell it I guess I'd have to come across that road when I read it. But

39:31  well, if I thought that I couldn't make it again. that would that would probably change it but you know, sell my paintings. I've sold my paintings for years. And, and I'm always very attached to my paintings. I mean, there's some that I would never sell that I have hanging in my house, because I just really was attached to them and probably no amount of money. Well, maybe maybe 10 To get them out, but, but there are things like that, but since I know I can do it again, especially because I would never paint a painting twice. I would not do that. But this, I can do that because I mean I can remake a dining room table like this. And yeah, I can I can do something similar gameroom to what I've got, but um, but I would do different things anyway. I think that's the joy of being a DD you really like to do lots of different things. And I am off the charge add, but medicated but even with medication, I'm still pretty, because every night, I need a point I'm now making may I've already made like six or seven needlepoint rugs for the DOP. I did for for my granddaughters. I have one already in this house. And I've got two more already made. And I'm working on two right now. But I have to be busy. My hands have to be busy. And so when I'm like isn't in your vocabulary,

41:08  No, never. And it's funny because my sister who she is not a creative person. She is the director of a preschool program which I could never do. And her skills are just totally different. But she'll go on so bored. And I'm like, I don't even I can't even comprehend what that would be like to be bored because if I'm not doing something, two seconds later I'm finding something to do.

41:37  I know my husband always says well why don't you just sit down on the patio with me and like sit there for five minutes. I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna go do something now. You're crazy.

41:46  I can't even look at a magazine. I mean I literally cannot sit and look through a magazine I save it for when we go on trips. And that's what I do in the car. And I'll look at it and most of the time I'm tearing pages on Oh, I love this fabric. Oh, I love this. Oh I can make this you know my husband's like riding in the car with you is a nightmare because if we go to the beach just four hours of listing pages being torn out of magazines I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that knows

42:16   You're not I'm the same way can you give us a little glimpse at maybe some other houses that you had in mind that you said that oh I wanted

42:26  I want to do a beach house because the beach is my favorite place and we haven't been there several years but um but yeah, I want to do a beach house that's tall and with a fabulous pole when I did that I think that will be so fun. And so different from what I'm doing right now. And then I can only do a fairy tale

42:55  like a fantasy house

42:57  and so that definitely probably isn't a kit but will they have any of them be kits like it'd be no no build from scratch

43:06  I want to build from scratch because then I have something that nobody else has. I find there something very appealing

43:13  You don't even have a plan for the for the actual house is just kind of room my room right?

43:21  Because I just I kind of knew the rooms I wanted I do kind of know what it's gonna look like on the outside is it's just gonna be stucco on it and on the end it's gonna have some balconies on the front and because it has French doors going out to nowhere right now but yeah, so yeah, I'll kind of wing that too. But I just knew the rooms I wanted and I kind of knew how I wanted the rooms to look or, and I have had three notebooks full that I've had. I mean some of them for years. rooms and houses that I like or curtains or like or floors or like and ceilings I like so I have all that and I go to those books and go through those and and I have it all the bad because as I add as I am I'm also really OCD. I have everything organized. Everything is in place. And I know I mean it may not look like that to anybody else. But I can put my hand on anything at any time so I have those all organized with the ceilings and floors and you know furniture and outdoor and stuff like that. My daughter actually came in the other day and I went look we redid this and we made it. I needed somewhere to put all my wood and stuff up I sat on the floor and I said it's all organized. She is not creative at all. She looked at it she went this is organized I went yes she said if it's like this when you die I'm just lighting a match for my house with everything init

45:00  especially not these beautiful creations I think you're doing a fabulous job and I can't wait to see what else you create. So how much have you got left in this house if you had a guess

45:15  um I literally work on it every day. But like right now I'm working on the fireplace in the Dan I'm working on the bookcase in the den and I'm but I'm making them both into tutorials, which now takes so much more time. And so I could have knocked out the fireplace in a day. But because now I'm doing videoing a little bit over doing this and then I got to put all that together I mean I've been working on it for like three days because I'm letting stuff dry and then I'm showing when I painted and all that but um Wow, I've been working on it since last June. So I've been working on pretty much every day for a year.

46:01  And thank you for your tutorials I know I appreciate them I'm sure a lot of other people do when people are so generous you know to show how they make things so others can do

46:11  Oh, the mini community is unbelievable. Never that has been my greatest joy about this whole thing is the people that I've made friends with and not everybody I'll tell you what they how they do anything. I have not run across one person I won't share how they do something or willing to help you and that is not I love the art people but they are very competitive. And they want you to share with them but the A lot of them are not so willing to share and which didn't bother me I'm 64 I don't care I've done it there are no secrets. You know, I'm willing to share everything because I just do and but but it's just a different it's a whole different set of people and and they don't they're so giving.

47:04  I agree Are there any that stick out in your mind right now that you'd like to shout out? Shout out to like ones that you go through for inspiration or people that just helped you along the way?

47:17  Well, I have a like I said Anna at Little House glides was so helpful with my 3d thing and then sraith Manny's, that's who I was talking to you this morning, Tanya she's great. And she's one of the kind of first many people that started following me and we've we've been talking and grandson house miniatures, she and I went to the same college and we have a ton in common even though I have not talked to her on the phone. Yeah, but she promised we would. And you're selling meaning

47:48  you're meeting all these people on Instagram, or how do you? 

47:51  yeah. And I mean, I don't know, we've just chatted on there. And they're also nice, they're also nice. And you ask them a question, and they'll tell you Yeah, how they did something.

Rachel  48:08  Do you have any plans to maybe go to shows or our shops there's this amazing when I just saw take a cruise for five days and make miniatures. How Hello, sign me up, but it's us. It's in San Diego. And it's just been a you know, Mom, young kids. It's hard, but Oh, someday.

Beth 48:30  That's what I want to know. So you got young kids? I do. Yeah, too. Okay, that is what blows me away about all these people that have little children that are doing this. Because all manner in their 30s I do not know how any of y'all get anything done with your kids at home. I mean, I really it It blows my mind. Because I don't know how you do that. I mean, do you do it at night?

Rachel  48:55  Yeah, I stay up way too late. We just had schools out now. So we had to kind of adjust everything you know, like how do I work with two little ones run around upstairs over my head because I work in the basement. So yeah, it's an adjustment but I do I stay up way too late.

Beth  49:13 I know I did that when I was done. And Halo killed I painted at nine till two o'clock in the morning, which was not good.

Rachel  49:22  But I feel I do have to do. Yeah. And I feel like I need to create every day or something's missing. Like it's just in my blood that I have to make something I don't know. So

Beth  49:31  Oh 100% understand. It's like a therapy yet out of swords. I mean, my world does not function. Well. If I'm doing something.

Rachel  49:42  I'm the same way we have a lot in common.

Beth  49:45  Yes, well, I just say I think most creative people do. I think most creative people have a lot of that. I mean, most of the artists I know are that way. Most of the many people that I have talked to that. Do this That way. And just, it's, it's like breathing, you just have to. And I'm so glad I found this. This is the most fun. I love to paint. But this is the most fun that I've ever had doing anything. And I think it's because I can do so many different things like you were talking about. I can do wood one day, I can paint something one day I can, you know, come up with an idea. I want to make some plants or I want to make flowers or I want to make a clay pot. I can can do. I can do whatever I want.

Rachel  50:36  Yeah, that's different to endless. And there's so many different things to make to my list of things I want to make is ever ending but never ending. For sure. But I definitely love this happy to. So tell everyone again where they can find you on Instagram. What's your handle?

Rachel  51:15  - Yeah, I'm sure they'll find your YouTube, your blog and all that is right on your website. Yeah. Again, I have to go check out that old cell phone tutorial because it was so genius. And we have it

Beth  51:25- was so easy. Yes. It is so easy. And I hope that the ones that are making, you know will be helpful to people because I had no clue what I was doing when I started. And I really felt kind of dumb putting that because making that little holder is so simple. But my mother reminded me maybe easy to you, but everybody else and think the way you do so you can help somebody someday

Rachel  51:51-  Oh, yeah, that's I would have never thought of hanging out cell phone on the wall. So genius. It's great. Well, good. Yes. Well, thank you again, Beth. And I can't wait to see what else you've come up with.

Rachel  52:11- You're welcome. You are welcome. I love your creations. Well, thank you. All right. You have a wonderful day.

Beth  52:18 - You too. Okay. Thanks, Rachel. Yeah, bye




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