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    My Favorite Tools

  • Woodworking

    These are my favorite tools for miniatures woodworking creations

  • 3D Printing/Resin

    My Go-To supplies for printing 3D objects and Resin Creations

  • Cricut Creations

    I Love my Cricut! Here are a few of my Must-Haves

  • Favorite BooksI love Books!

    Especially Books on Miniatures!

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  • FAQs

    Do you sell your houses and room boxes?

    No, not at this time.


    Do you make or buy the furniture in your houses.

    Both, but I’m making more myself. I love working with clay to make mostly food. My favorite things to create are replicas of post memories, such as my Grandparent's Kitchen.


    What stain do you use?

    This is a tricky question because Stain color changes depending on the type of wood you are putting it on, to how you apply it. I mix several stains together to find that perfect color.


    Do you prefer to build from a kit or renovate an older dollhouse?

    My preference is to build from scratch.


    What scale are your creations?

    All my creations are 1:12 scale.


    How can someone get started in this hobby?

    My recommendation would be to just start researching the web for great information, build what you enjoy and just be patient. Check out my "how to use a cricut to make Dollhouse Miniatures!" Now available in my store.


    What type of glue do you use?

    I love Wellbond.


    How do you make your flooring and/or Wallpaper?

    I like to create wallpapers in Illustrator. To give hardwood flooring that added realism I will print the image on a woodgrain textured cardstock and score the board lines.

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