5 DAY mini Holiday Challenge!

Let's have some fun and create a Miniature Christmas Scene together!

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The DAY HAS ARRIVED! I’m so excited to get this 5 day MINI challenge started!


For this first day we are going to think of a Miniature Christmas scene we want to make. Do you want it to be the Front Porch of House, Gingerbread House, Elf’s Bedroom, North Pole, Holiday Baking in a kitchen, etc. The Possibilities are endless! I will be making a Holiday Living Room! Please know you have permission to copy me.


Next, let’s think about what will house this scene. You can get really creative here OR use a simple cardboard box like I’m using. Ideas: Old Ornament Box, Hollowed out Book, Old Shoe Box, Shadow Box, Old Flower Pot, etc.


I WANT TO DOUBLE CHALLENGE you today- I challenge you to put something in this Miniature creation that speaks to your heart. I love when Miniatures tell a story. Ask yourself what Christmas means to you. Is there something that reminds you of Christmas? Maybe you always have the same meal during the holidays? Watch the same movie? I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Here is the start of my creation- A Miniature Christmas Living Room! It will be housed in a cardboard box that I found. I always wanted a small miniature creation nested in between books on my bookshelf, so that’s where this creation will live! Its a little wider than I wanted but that’s ok! This doesn’t have to be perfect. We’ll save that for another challenge!

Need help? Message me; Let us know what you want to make and we will brainstorm ideas together!

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