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I did a thing. I STARTED A PODCAST!!! Its about all things Miniature! We will explore the world of minis and all it’s raw talent, dedication, patience and the new energy of this art form! We will also hear from Miniature hobbyists and professionals from around the world! We will gain insight into their biggest struggles, wins and frustrations. I hope to inspire and encourage you on your Miniature adventure; because all things ordinary because extraordinary in Miniature!

On the latest Episode I chatted with Priscilla of @priscillaminis on IG! Priscilla is back at creating Miniatures after 16 years. She's a very talented Miniaturist, Painter and Drawer! Her other art mediums can be found at @priscilladraws on IG. Please follow her so you don't miss out on her beautiful creations!
I'm envious that Priscilla has dollhouses and accessories from her childhood! She also shares an amazing story about her community. She's inspired me to start something similar in my own community; Details will be available soon! Take a listen and Enjoy!
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