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I had the privilege of talking with Kenzie! On Instgram she takes us thru her journey of Renovating a Dollhouse! She shares her wins and frustrations. 






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Rachel  0:04  Hello friends, and welcome to my miniature obsession podcast. I'm your host, Rachel Karpf.

This podcast is about all things miniature, we will explore the world of minis. And all its raw talent, dedication, patience, and the new energy of this art form. hear from miniature hobbyists and professionals from all over the world, we will gain a deeper insight into the creative processes that drive them. We will also explore what their biggest struggles are their most devastating failures, and the most uplifting successes, I hope to encourage and inspire you in your miniature hobby. Because even the ordinary become extraordinary and miniature. 

Hello, friends, it's me, Rachel. And I'm back for another episode of my miniature obsession podcast. So glad that you're here. So I can't believe it's only two weeks until school starts here in Wisconsin. I know a lot of people in the south have already started which is crazy to me, because I feel like summer officially starts September. So it's kind of weird thinking that some people go back to school in August. And I just really don't know where my summer went. Does anyone else get maybe the end of summer blues like I do about my kids and every kid out there is more sad than us parents, but especially the parents who have to be home with them all day I maybe they're happy, I don't know. But I still get pretty sad. Especially now that I have a middle schooler. I always thought like it would take forever for him to go to middle school. But I have to say it came faster than I thought. And so it's going to be a little bit of adjustment here in two weeks. 

But I am excited to have more time to create with them going back to school. So I do have that going for me. Because if you haven't heard I have a subscription box. So I'm busy planning for October's box. And I guess I can let you in on a little secret. This month, I have a featured artist in the box really excited to share with you her work and just to showcase another minute dress. So look for her work in the October box. Now if you have no idea what I'm talking about, let me just explain. 

I have a subscription box. It's a small box delivered to your door every other month. And inside you will find fun and festive miniatures for your dollhouse, which are all handmade. And they'll arrange from DIY projects, seasonal items to decorate with some, like I mentioned, we'll have the featured artist. And then I will also be introducing a front door project in some of the boxes as well. I'm having a blast curating these boxes for you. And I just can't wait to keep going on. And so the next box will be shipped October 5. And just to let you know I opened the cart today to allow a few more people in. Because these are handmade they take time to make and so I have to limit the number of boxes that I can ship. So if you want to order yours today, simply head over to mini subscription box comm to get signed up again, that's mini subscription And also, if you'd like to see last month's box, head over to my Instagram, and you can see a video there that I revealed last week of all the items inside the box. That's really exciting. 

Alright, so let's get down to business. Today I'm going to share an episode with you have a chat I had with Kenzie, I found Kenzi and Instagram. And I love that she tells like a story in her Instagram of her journey with renovating a dollhouse. She shares her wins and our frustrations. So we talked about that and many more things in our conversation. So I hope that you enjoy this conversation. And if you did, would you please do me a favor? Maybe it is take a screenshot and share it on your social media and tag me at Mic drop managers. And one more favor. If you would be so kind to please leave me a review. On my podcast here. I love to hear what you think of this podcast as I'm here to bring you the best content and conversation that I can. Oh, and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on future future episodes. All right. Until next time, take care. Happy creating. And we'll see you soon. Bye. 

How are you? Doing good. Yeah, I'm doing good. How about you? I'm good. So where are you calling in from?

Kenzie  4:57  I am calling in from Granad Rapids Michigan. You're in Wisconsin, right? 

Rachel 5:02 Yes, Appleton. And so it's probably hot there too.

Kenzie  5:11  Yep, no central AC. And I can't turn my AC unit on right now, because it's really loud. But yeah, so it's more I'm sure that you guys do.

Rachel  5:21  So we'll make this short then so no yeah, I think today it's at what do you say 87% humidity and right now it's like, I think outside 87 so it's hot. It's very Yeah, yeah. Are you in your basement area then? I am. Yeah. So it's nice and cool. Yeah. Nice. Well, thank you for joining me today. I just wanted to talk to you about your managers, I found you on Instagram. And so it looks like you are doing a home renovation in 112 scale. And I guess Can you tell us a little bit how you got started with miniatures?

Kenzie  5:59  Yeah, so um, it's funny, I actually called my mom a couple of nights ago, because I was trying to get nailed down the exact times or whatever. But I think it was when I was six years old. My parents, it's kind of funny now. But like, I guess Then one night, they built this like kit. I don't think they knew what they were getting into. And so it was like, Oh, you know, the night before Christmas, where we need to get this together. So Santa can leave it at the tree. And when I think about that, now I think about how on earth like people that do those houses from kids, like it takes them forever to do it, especially with shingles and all that. And so anyways, when she was telling me that her and my dad pretty much put it together in a night, I'm just like this, she said they didn't sleep a single second. Just trying to like quit get it all together. Anyway, so that we did it. Yeah, so Oh, they didn't they just had it was just like the, like the house like nothing else was done to it like as far as wallpaper or anything like that. So which still I think is impressive. I'm like, it must have probably had wet glue or something. Sure. I didn't notice it. But anyway, so that was my first I guess, Introduction to miniatures. But to me it Yeah, it was just my dollhouse that I can play with. And then I guess the fun part for me was, with my allowance and different like with birthday money and stuff like that i there was a local dollhouse shop and it's not there anymore, unfortunately, where I grew up in Kalamazoo, and so I would get to bring my money and I get to pick, I would do like a room at a time. So I got to pick like, the carpet for the nursery, and then the wallpaper for the nursery. And then I would, you know, get to buy the furniture and stuff like that. So I guess that was like my big introduction to it years and years ago. Unfortunately, my I came home one day, and my mom was giving my house away to my cousin, because I hadn't been playing with it and a little bit. And I was I remember being hysterical. I was so sad. She was giving it away. But she's like, Oh, you know, you don't play with it anymore. And then I went to my cousin's house, probably, I don't know, a couple weeks later, and my cousin had ripped out all of the flooring, and all of like the wallpaper and put stickers all over it. And I was heartbroken anyways. So that houses that house is totally gone. But then I guess my reintroduction to miniatures, it's kind of a funny story I between like 2017 and 2018, I moved probably seven or eight times, like between those two years, I was just like, moving everywhere. I couldn't find you. I was having a hard time finding somewhere to live. So anyways, I was like really just craving like a space to like create my own little just to my own home. And so I found like a shoe box. And I started just like randomly making little furniture from cardboard. And I don't know. And then my mom texted me one day and she's like, my sister and I are at this estate sale. Do you do you want this house you'll need to grab the this house. And I it was funny because I didn't even tell anybody that I was like, I guess creating miniatures. And so it's funny that she said that because I was like Absolutely. So it's like this The Alice it's actually the Allison, I believe by Democrats, maybe I don't know if that sounds right. But she found that for like $3 in an estate sale. So that was kind of launched my kick.

Rachel  9:47  Maybe she felt bad for giving away your first time. I think I think she did a little bit as a way to make up for it. Do you remember what kit your first house was?

Kenzie  9:58  I was I even tried to ask her Um, I really don't remember I must have. I'm sure if I like did some more research, I could probably find it. It was just a basic, like colonial style. I remember it was. Yeah, it was yellow. I don't remember exactly, but it was very. What's the word symmetrical. That's all I can remember about it. I can't even find any pictures of it. Which is funny because my parents took pictures and everything

Rachel  10:27 really loved you to put a house together. And one one night one night, I still can't even traveling. That

Kenzie  10:34 was a cool story. Thank you for sharing. So what it is, what do you love about miniatures? Like, why did you Why do you think in 2017 18? You came back to the hobby?

Rachel  10:45  Um, yeah, like I said, I think it was just kind of this, like, sense of like, I this is gonna sound bad. I guess. I don't know, control. I don't know, there's like, you know, this space that, you know, I've been living with roommates and stuff like that. And it's like, no one can, you know, tell me what can go where and what can't go, you know, everything in it is mine. And for it was just Yeah, I just was really craving that at the time. And so it was just kind of like a release. And also my job isn't like super creative. So I feel like the creative outlet that it allows me is a big part of that, too.

Kenzie  11:27  A lot of people actually say control. So you're not the first one that I've heard that from so

Rachel  11:31  it's not weird. I'm glad. I'm glad it doesn't make me sound but not at all. So

Kenzie  11:37  what is your most favorite thing to make? Or do you would you say you're more? Do you make more miniatures? Did you collect more miniatures?

Rachel  11:45  definitely make. I'm starting to I, you know, from all the friends in the community of the dollhouse world, I you know, and everyone's you know, starting to come up with their, their Etsy shops and stuff. So I love to support, you know, friends, Etsy shops as much as I can. Some starting and trying to do that when I can. However, you know, it does get kind of expensive. So, I try to make as much as I can. And also like, repurpose stuff like that's a I don't know, I guess I should probably share it more in my feed in my story. But I, I like make almost everything from repurposed and recycled materials, like, even as far as like, in the latest anti the anti farmhouse that I just completed. Near probably, I would say 80% of that is from recycled materials, at least so in like cardboard that I you know, take from the recycling bin at work or whatever that is. Whatever I can save from going into landfill. That's a huge part of my lifestyle is just trying to reduce my waste. So yeah, I try to make as much as I can.

Kenzie  13:00  So besides cardboard, can you share? Maybe something else that you recently made from recycled material? Or Yeah, so

Rachel  13:07  I worked for, I worked for a periodontist. And we have a lot of plastic waste, I guess just because it's you know, it's it's medical field. That's how it goes. So we have these like Listerine bottles, I guess, in the tops of them. Once they're spray painted, they look like they're really cute little Ottomans. I've been kind of hoarding those.

Kenzie  13:35  I know Don't you find it like you never look at anything this like the same anymore? Like you're always like, oh, that would make a cool, whatever. For my jealous.

Rachel  13:44  I'm the same way 100% Yeah, so I actually that's kind of my, the week off. And so one of my goals is to get my bearings straight because I have like, boxes of just like yeah, just crap. under your bed is just full with findings. Yeah, yeah, it's um, it is. It is absolutely hoarding. So with good intention.

Kenzie  14:11  So do you have a nice work area for to work on for your miniatures? Are you having to take it all out? Put it all away? Take it back out when you're ready.

Rachel  14:20  Yeah, so it's actually really fortunate. My so during, I guess, when I was really jumped into it, and could do it all the time was obviously one in 2020. I got kind of laid off of work for a couple months. And so I was able to do it in my boyfriend. My boyfriend has a house probably 20 minutes or so away from my house. And so I had his basement where I could do that and then hit when his brother moved out. I actually he actually let me turn a bedroom upstairs into my craft space, which was really, really nice of him and so it's nice because I am I don't know decently Literally person and then except with my crafting, it's like you would walk in there and be like, Who is this? Like when people come over and they see my space? They're like, I can't even believe you made this mess. So but I can shut the door and yeah, forget about it and then go and create and just be messy, which

Kenzie  15:18  is important to me so much. It's a huge stress reliever. At least it is for me or please just to escape. And yeah, I love creating. I feel like I have to create something everyday. So yeah. Or like my day is not complete. Yeah, right. Yeah. So we definitely have something in common. So what is your favorite thing to make? Then you have a favorite. Like, I know a lot of people like despise clay, like they can't do clay or some people only work in wood. Yeah, it's

Rachel  15:49  funny you say that, because I literally just got inspired by like polymer clay and so ordered some and I've been really trying hard and being diligent about like, trying to be good at and I really want to be good at it. And I because I see these like miniature food artists, and I'm like, Oh, my, but they also like when they you know, do the little videos. I'm like, they make it look so easy. Like, I could do that. I could make that. And then I try it. And I'm like, it looks like an actual three year old made this. It's like so embarrassing. But I'm not gonna give up yet just because I'm stubborn. And I really want to miniature food.

Kenzie  16:27  So do you feel like the texture is not the same? The shape? coloring? What do you feel?

Rachel  16:34  I think I am out of my league. I think part of its I'm out of my week. I think part of it's my patience level. And my I love for things to look nice. But I'm also not the miniatures that's going to protect anything. I think it has to kind of just if it looks right, I don't care if it's functioning. I don't care if the doors open. Yeah, that's my style, which I have a ton of respect for all of the other miniatures that are not that way. So I guess to answer your question, my favorite thing that I really just like to decorate and kind of configure the spaces and or reconfigure them yeah, I don't know if I have a specific favorite thing. I wish that I could be good at like working with fabric. I think people are really talented with that. And I was considering maybe asking for a sewing machine for my birthday but we'll see.

Kenzie  17:34  I find that the clay like making food it's definitely the texture to me and then you get the texture down and then if you can, like shade with pastels, right color the food with pastels and really get the the shading down or the highlights then it's makes it more realistic, at least in my opinion.

Rachel  17:56  Right and I think that was my problem the first time around. So I did end up you know, I'm trying to get away from doing this. It's a bad habit where it's like okay, I just need one more tool if I have one more thing that I can create this and so I ended up going down a rabbit hole with this clay thing and now I have like a whole set of tools. But yeah, the pastels so I don't maybe I'm using the wrong pastels or they like just oil pastels that you use to shade

Kenzie  18:20  Sorry, it chalk that you just scrape off chalk pessoais

Rachel  18:26 I think I ordered oil pastels so when I tried to scrape it it just kind of like came out in big chunks. And I'm like,

Kenzie  18:33  Oh no, yeah, that's what I use this chalk. They're really you can get them at Hobby Lobby or Michaels pretty inexpensive. I just get the kids set. Like You I don't know I just I have so many tools to that. You just keep buying and buying. So out of all your tools. What is your favorite?

Rachel  18:52  Oh, you know what I recently started using more than ever and this is so simple. Like tweezers. I don't know why I've never used those before like that was like a game changer for me. And I'm like I don't know how I went this long without that. And also miter shears as how you say it minor shoes, you know where they have angles where you can cut? Yeah, yeah, I took me I've been seeing people have been using those for a long time. And I've been putting on putting it off. But I finally finally took the belief in bottom and those were Game Changer two.

Kenzie  19:32  For me recently, I bought a glue set that were the bottle. That tip is like micro Mini. Yeah, it was small. But just that was a game changer where you can do the little dropper glue. Yeah, that's why I didn't have that years ago, you know, but right. And sorry, No, that's okay. Um,

Rachel  19:55  no my hot glue gun with like the precision tip. I'm I'm really bad at patience and waiting for glue to dry. So when I ever I can use hot glue. Okay, I do and so the precision tip was a game changer. But yeah, I think I do need to look into that. That really I know exactly what glue bottle you're talking about with the precision tip.

Kenzie  20:17  Yeah. And it's really inexpensive and yeah, it's awesome. Especially if you're doing little things. And even you mentioned the tweezers even to hold those little things complete with the glue cuz Yeah, sometimes, like you said, waiting for glue to dry is probably one of the hardest things about this hobby. It's you're excited. So what are you currently working on? You said your house is done.

Rachel  20:41  Yeah, my antique farmhouse is done. And so I picked up a I was actually going to I really wanted to do a kit from scratch and but I saw this opportunity came along to buy this house. I think it's actually like it was just like an HBS catalog. I think it's the Vermont maybe the Vermont house. I see a lot of people are actually have you have already done this house or are working working on it right now. But I found it on marketplace. It's in pristine condition and even came with like the base. And that rolls and has a drawer that I can shove all my stuff in. So and that's actually at my apartment, which is nice. So when I'm not that much his house, my boyfriend I can I can work on my house here. So it's gonna be a coastal cottage. Like, I have a whole vision for it. I'm super pumped.

Kenzie  21:38  Nice. And yeah, marketplace, you can find some amazing things on there. So again, tell us what you got it for? Was this Yes.

Kenzie  21:47  Oh, it was a steal. And I felt bad. Oh my gosh, Rachel. So I was like, had my eye on it. And I think that it's really taking off. This, you know, this hobby is, which is awesome. And I love that. However, it's definitely dry. I don't know if I'm the only one that's noticing this, but it's definitely driving the prices up of these houses. Like when people are saying they find these houses for like $5. I'm like, I can't go on there. And I don't see them for less than like, two to $300 sometimes and even more than that. So anyways, it was listed for like 375 for a long time. And I just kind of saved it, bookmarked it. And I think I reached out to her one time to ask her a question about it. And kind of forgot about it. Because I'm like, okay, I can it's it's not it's really not in your budget, you can keep your eye on if the price comes down significantly, but kind of put it on the back burner. And then she reached out to me, she messaged me, she's like, Hey, I know you said something a long time ago, I don't know, if you're still interested. I'm, I'm moving and I really need to get rid of this. In Sophie, I'd be willing to, you know, if you want to make an offer. And I was like, Okay, my budget is $150. Like that would be the max that I'd be willing to spend right now. But I felt like that was kind of rude to like lowball or so much when she had it listed for like 375. So I didn't want to be insulting by any means, because I know how much love goes into these things. So I didn't want it to seem disrespectful. I were probably helping her out though, too. Right. And she and she did reach out to me. She was like, I'm looking at it just need to get this done. And so I was like, would you take $150 for it? And she was like, Yeah, I can do that. And so anyway. Yeah, I was like, especially if it has a base and the wheels and wow, yeah, that's awesome.

Rachel  23:42  Yeah. Oh, and it came with so much furniture in like, I was kind of overwhelmed by it, like, so much stuff. So Wow. It's like Christmas and birthday all in one. And oh, it really was.

Kenzie  23:55  It's so is it already done, then you just get to play and decorated and things like that. Um,

Rachel  24:02  I mean, so I actually kind of feel bad because it isn't like, I mean, whoever I mean, I'm assuming she did this. And it's definitely one of those perfectionist. I'm looking at it right now. But yeah, definitely like a perfectionist with everything. It's just so clean and done so well. However, there is some reconfiguration. So I want to make so I'm going to try to be as gentle as possible, and try to keep it but yeah, even like, you can tell that the wallpapers maybe a little bit, you know, maybe a little bit dated or a little bit bolder than what I'm looking for. So I'm I'm going to keep as much as I can, but I already ripped up the stairs and I have strong feelings about stairs. So I already rip those out. And um, I think it's I know like no shade to anyone that does have them but I'm just Like, I guess they just take up space to me. And it's like, this doesn't have to make sense, right? Like nothing in here has to make sense to anybody. It doesn't. Yeah, I guess that's my feelings about it is it doesn't have to make sense. It doesn't have to be practical. So I yeah, it's funny. You said that I had a dollhouse and my daughter was looking at it, and she's like, but how do they get to the upstairs?

Kenzie  25:23  I'm like, well, it's magic. Okay. They don't Yeah, right. They float. But she was very concerned because I didn't have stairs in my house. So that's,

Rachel  25:32  it's funny how people's I think that's telling about people's like personalities and just how they Yeah, view things. I think that's gonna be the beach theme. The coastal Yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yes. So I'm gonna do like, but like, coastal. We have like a, we have a bunch of Lake houses, obviously, around here in Michigan. And so I feel like but I feel like they're more Lakey, your cabin style. And I want this one to be like, if it were in like the Hamptons, I want it to be very coastal. So

Kenzie  26:02  I can't wait to see it an Instagram and see what you do with it. How exciting.

Kenzie  26:07  Yeah, I'm super excited. I love the Instagram community. I mean, I know I've listened to all your podcast before. And it just, I think everyone feels this way. Just like I was so surprised and blown away with a community on Instagram and nothing that I even I was actually gonna have my account be private. That was my plan. When I started it, I was gonna have an a private Instagram account and just habit basically like a little diary and documenting it for me, because I didn't document at all on the previous house. And so I was like, I want to make sure that I actually, you know, can see the progress. And then my Mitch, my boyfriend just kind of encouraged me. He's like, Well, you know, maybe some people want to fall along and just see what's out there. And that was kind of it was during me around the election and stuff. And I was like, I am so sick of like, being on social media. I was so turned off to the idea. But I'm so glad that I, you know, went against that. And because I met so many incredible people and yeah, that's media, right. We're not talking about pilot. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't think that existed at that point.

Rachel  27:16  Yeah, you were so right. The community is amazing. So remind me of where Grand Rapids is. Is that on Lake Michigan side? of the state? Yes. Yeah. It is. So you're pretty close to Chicago. Have you ever been to any miniature shows or anything?

Kenzie  27:37  No. Um, yeah, I guess. And I still would consider myself as a newbie in this craft. And this, I thought I didn't really realize it was like, as big as it is. And I never would have thought that there was even shows until probably this, you know, the past year. So I was looking forward to what's those big one in Chicago? The Tom Bishop? Yes, yes. That's about you. I think we've talked about that before, too. And just hearing from other people about it, too. Yeah. And I was really bummed that they canceled that because I really didn't want to go.

Rachel 28:12  Yeah, well, next year, definitely try to see if you can get over there. Even if you take I know that you can take the ferry across. Like I only know this because we actually are going to Michigan in a few weeks. We're taking the ferry across. And then we're going to Mackinac Island. We're going to drive. Yeah. So I know that you can take your car on a boat and come right over to while you would come to Illinois. But yeah, you could easily get to Chicago, I think from from Michigan, so you should definitely

Kenzie  28:42  I'm actually going to be there tomorrow. Oh, in Chicago. Yeah, I probably go to Chicago. I don't know anywhere from like one to three times a year. I'm okay. I love that city. I wish that I could live there. But um, yeah, my, my boyfriend and I are taking a little trip to the city tomorrow. So we usually we go. I like to drive to Michigan City, which is like right on Indiana, Michigan. line, and then I'll take the train. And that way you don't have to deal with driving downtown,

Rachel  29:10  you know it then see, you know, then you can definitely, you should definitely try it. Because if you want your mind blowing. Yeah, it would definitely be a show to go to.

Kenzie  29:19  Yeah. Are you going to the Philadelphia show in November? I don't know that as of right now. Gotcha. I'm planning on doing that one. Yeah. Yeah, I'm ready. Yeah, I'm pretty excited about that one. It seems like there's a bunch of people that are going to be kind of meeting up and I'm excited for

Rachel  29:39  that. I'll live through you on that one. Although, you know, maybe now that you sparked something, maybe, maybe,

Kenzie  29:47  maybe we can, we can carpool. We can listen, just meet me and we will just drive there you go. Is that what you're doing is driving. Yeah, I looked at some flights and I couldn't find any that day. There. were quite in my price range. And Mitch has some. We have some friends that live over there. So I think you might hang out with them and I'll hang out with my people.

Rachel  30:12  have fun. So I'll look for that then two on your Instagram if I'm not able to go Alright, so um, we talked about yet any See, have you looked into like any clubs or anything or is that just that something? Because I just know I looked into actually was at Hobby Lobby not too long ago and there's a sign Do you love dollhouse miniatures? And like it was like speaking to me right? There's a group of ladies that actually meet at my local hobby lobby of all things.

Kenzie  30:43  You are kidding. I have never even tried to look into that. I will definitely keep my eye out next time I'm there. And yeah, I guess I through you, I realize that there's a bunch of different like, what are they called Facebook pages? Or groups. So I never knew I was really, you know, I was still just kind of navigating my way through the Instagram miniature community. So I'm think it's cool that they're on different platforms too. And, yeah, I wish there's I know, there's like two people on Instagram that are in the Grand Rapids area ish. So, but that's all I know of.

Rachel  31:25  Right? Now I just love, especially now that I guess COVID is behind us to get together face to face with people is awesome. Yeah, I hear of anything in Michigan, or if anyone knows of anything listening, they can definitely contact you. Yes, please. So anything else you'd like to share about your hobby? And? Yeah,

Kenzie  31:47  I was actually curious about this, I've made like a, I guess, a bucket list, a miniature bucket list of all these different projects that I want, because I would like this, you know, in life is always gonna, you know, take twists and turns and stuff. But I would love this is such a good therapeutic thing. And so I want to keep it going. And so I've just been like, writing down when ideas come to mind, like writing them down. So once I finish one project, I can go on to the next. So I didn't know. Yeah, I didn't know if you did that. Or if, if it's like an official thing that you have you planned out or you just kind of go project by project?

Rachel  32:29  Well, I can tell you, I have my own book. It's like a journal. And it's only for miniatures. And it's actually full right now. So I I was actually going to sit down and read I mean, I this book has been going on for years and years and years. So like just read through it again, all and I'm sure there's so much in there. I've wrote over the years, and get in from you know, get inspiration from that. But then I'm excited to try to find another book and get started on a whole new one. So yeah, I do definitely write if I see something on social media or on the internet, if I'm reading a magazine, I always write it down. Otherwise, I will definitely Forget it. Or I won't remember where I found it. And so now I don't really know where to find it in my notebook. But at least in my notebook,

Kenzie  33:21  right, a little treasure hat when you go back in. Yeah. Yeah, so no, I

Rachel  33:25  definitely do the same. I haven't done it a while though. So I'm glad that you brought that up and just remind me to get that out again. So how long is your bucket list? Well, it's

Kenzie  33:37  always grilling. I feel like the first. And I feel like it's honestly gonna get checked off as like different, you know, opportunities. Like I wasn't planning on necessarily doing this cottage right away. But, you know, when the house presented itself, it was like, Okay, I guess for doing this now. I was actually wanting to do I really want to do like a greenhouse. And so I was planning on doing that as my next project but so we'll see But yeah, I haven't found anything for that. Anyways, so greenhouse I want to do like I'm like a bed and breakfast I kind of do or like some sort of like hotel where I have a bunch of different bedrooms. I don't know, I think that would be kind of cool. And like a lobby. On do something to style jack. I want to do something with a pretty expensive outdoor space. Fall and I really want to create something from the office. My boyfriend and I are obsessed with that show, of course. And so I don't know if I do the whole set. I actually just looked up the plans for the whole set. And I didn't realize how big it was. Maybe like a room or something. Do you know?

Rachel  34:43  I don't know if you listen to my podcast, but I just had Preston on and he did raise your show. And I said do you watch the office because I was really wanting him to make that next because we love that show. But that was so fun.

Kenzie  34:57  Yeah. When I listened to that one and Um, yeah, I was trying to find his entire I've seen like little, like a few pictures of it but I was trying to find his entire I would love to see that entire yeah ruined you seen I guess that he did

Rachel  35:12  he does have a group on Facebook it's called the Frazier project. Oh, okay. But yeah, actually, um, you saying that you know that, like you said things in life change and then so I'm actually going to make I think my dad's garage. Yeah, my dad ran this business for 50 years. So anytime you wanted to see dad, he was definitely in his garage. So I thought, you know, I mean, my grandparents kitchen, I think it'd be so cool to make my dad's garage, but I've never made something be dirty, and really messy. And so it's gonna be a challenge for me, because it's not the style that I typically creating. I'm gonna do some research and yeah, how to make make it really, really messy and dirty, because

Kenzie  36:06  you're gonna have to, like, fight the instincts to you know, clean it up. And

Rachel  36:10  yeah, make it all like, I guess when I make something and I try to make it like really perfect or precise or this I guess it doesn't really matter. So maybe it'll be it'll be good for me to know. Yeah.

Kenzie  36:23  But yeah, let's use like great chalk. And, you know, stuff like that, too. Just to get that like, when I think of, yeah, the workshop or like, dad's garage, I think of like, gray dust everywhere.

Rachel  36:38  So do you try to put like the like, I'm really sentimental. I've said that many times before my bag gets but it's so true. I I love to put something personal in each of my creations. Are you kind of that way? Do you find yourself?

Kenzie  36:52  Oh, 100%. As soon as I like, knew we were gonna connect. As soon as I heard that you say that on your podcast. I was like, I am like painfully sentimental. So, I mean, and I, I connect, like everything to like physical connect to like a memory. And so if I'm gifted something, it's like, I just latch on to that. And it's like, automatically I have a hard time getting rid of it. Because it's like, it has it has some meaning to me. So anyways, I tried to Yeah, just do little things that mean a lot to me, or, I mean, I got my I made my mom like a potting bench for Mother's Day, I think I posted on my Instagram. And and that was something that was like, she's the one that kind of gave me my whole brief green thumb and my appreciation of plants and stuff like that. So it was cool to give that to her.

Rachel  37:47  So that's why the greenhouse on the bucket list. I just had a thought that dollhouse that was given away without your consent. Do you remember any of the wallpaper or any of the flooring that maybe you can incorporate in this house?

Kenzie  38:06  Yeah, no, that's actually a really good point. I can. I've even come across like when I've gotten gone to like thrift stores and stuff. I see like the little kids, you know how they used to. I mean, they still sell them like this, I guess. But like bedroom sets for doll houses, like doing sets in. There wasn't like as much. I don't. There was pretty like basic sets. I feel like back in the day. And so definitely, I've seen things that I'm like, Oh my gosh, this is exactly what I had for this dollhouse and yeah, so I would I can I wish I saw the wallpaper. That was like in the nursery. That's the one that I remember the most of that dollhouse. I would totally remember it.

Rachel  38:48  So that's a good idea why I'm a graphic designer, I'm just saying. So if you have a visual of what it looks like, I could probably recreate it for you.

Kenzie  38:58  That would be incredible. 

Rachel  38:59  like, I know. You don't have a picture which be amazing. Have you. But even if you catch it or something to so I can have a visual and then we could recreate it if that somebody would want.

Kenzie  39:11  Yeah, I might have to actually hit you up on that. I will definitely start brainstorming some stuff your way. Okay.

Rachel  39:19  Well, where can people find you on Instagram?

Kenzie  39:23  Yep, so I'm on Instagram at LEAs, l e. i g h. s craft. So leaves crap. Lee is my middle name. Actually, I think I should probably say that. Most people don't know actually. It's funny. I've been talking to Anna from Little House of lights for like, from the very beginning. And I think it wasn't too long ago that she was like, I've been pronouncing it late. That's so excuse me. I actually thought that was your last name. So. Oh, okay. Yeah, no, we use my middle name. I sense Mitch. was kind of the one that inspired me to get get this kind of moving and have this space he he calls me by my middle name. He calls me Lee. So that's why I didn't least craft so my first name is Kennedy

Rachel  40:15  I love it. Well thank you again for your time, and I'll definitely be one much for having me. I appreciate it. You're welcome. turn on the AC now Okay, so you don't Yes, I will be. Alright. Lindsay Hi, Rachel

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