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Meet Holly!  A very successful self employed graphic designer; running over 4 different businesses!  Listen to our Mini Conversation on the 'My Miniature Obsession Podcast' as she talks about how she got started with Dollhouse Minatures and why. 

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Hello, friends, I'm back, Rachel for another episode of myminiature obsession Podcast. I'm so glad that you were here. And I hope thatyou are well, me, I'm doing awesome. I'm really busy. I know I probably say that every episode. But there's a lot going on. And there's so many things I want to share with you. And if you love miniatures, which I'm assuming you do, because that's why you're here, I have a real treat for you. But before I get into that, I feel like I need to back up a little. And just tell you the story from the beginning. So I know I've told you this before. But the main reason I do this podcast and the reason I love it so much, is the amazing people that I get to meet. I am so grateful for these amazing connections and the new friendships that I have made. As I know, some of them will last for a lot a lifetime. So for example, take Holly from my interview today, when we chatted and recorded the episode. We mentioned that we should collaborate on something and maybe start an online manager community owned, we just kind of chatted, but that evolves into something that I'm so excited to announce to you today. And because Holly and I made it a reality. That's right, we have an online community now called the mini district. It's a place where managers can come together, we have so many things. So currently, we have a cafe and our district, this is the forum. So this is where you can chat with other miniatures and ask questions, get guidance, learn from them. You know, we're just starting with that. And the whole community is new, it's only about a week new. So there'll be a lot more great conversations and things happening in the in the cafe. But we have a marketplace. So this is a very detailed directory of miniature vendors and sellers. So this really eliminates the frustration when you're searching for that perfect miniature. And I know this even happened to me, I want something very specific the other day, I'm doing something for my subscription box, and I wanted   

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little wooden faces. And just the hours I spent trying tofind it. And so if I can go to a directory type in, you know, wooden faces, andevery vendor that has it would pop up. I mean, amazing. So we are just starting to build that marketplace. Then we have a blog with very amazing tutorials and articles that we're adding in there. Once a week, there'll be a new blog. So again, that's growing. And the best of all that people have been raving about is the district's warehouse. The warehouse is where we house all of our freebies, such as downloads, SVG files, 3d files, and we're adding new freebies all the time. So Holly, and I meet every week to discuss the district and how to bring you up to date miniature news and just freebies. And when we get together and collaborate, we just have so many amazing ideas that, you know, sometimes we have to bring it back and be like, Hey, we're only human. So we need to do this in stages. But I want you to know that there is a lot more to come in the marketplace. And I'm just really, really excited to bring you new things every week. It's like, I feel like a kid at Christmas. It's awesome. So I can tell you though, and you'll be the first to know, this isn't even on our social media yet. So feel like privileged that you get to be the first to know, but we are going to be doing a holiday swap. So details on that to come. Basically you're going to send a fellow militarist, something for Christmas. And in return, you will get something it is a small ticket item doesn't have to be much. So look for that to be coming. And then we are also going to have a holiday contest with some pretty amazing door prizes. All you have to do is simply post a picture of your holiday creation or scene. And then members of the district vote on their favorite and then you win some amazing prizes. So again, more details on that to come soon. And like I said, you're the first to know. So if you don't want to miss out on any of these amazing things, you definitely want to sign up for our newsletter at the mini district.com. And then you'll find out about all these amazing things coming. And then while you're there, definitely check out the warehouse. You're gonna want to download all those freebies. Again, we add them all the time, but there's a lot in there right now. And then check out the forum. Make sure you get in there. Start a conversation with another managers friend and all then All the new friends you can make How amazing. And then if you can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook, that's another way to keep up to date with what's going on in the district. And our handle is at the mini district. That's our handle, or Yeah, at the money district. So while I know that was a lot that I just threw at you, but I'm just so excited. And I hope that you, you check us out, it's going to be amazing. And if you're listening before November 1, make sure that when you're on the website, you click the Events tab, because we have the ultimate Grand Opening giveaway still going on and it ends at midnight on Halloween night. But it's valued at over $200 There's some amazing prizes in there and you get all of it if you win the giveaway, so make sure that when you're in there, click on the events section, the tab and you'll want to sign up for that because you don't want to miss out on that amazing giveaway All right, I think that's it. So let's get into today's episode. I hope that you enjoy my conversation with Holly and like Holly I would love to connect with you as well. So please reach out to me my email is Rachel at Mike drop miniatures that calm or you can find me on Instagram Facebook, my handle is at Mike drop miniatures. And if social media isn't your thing, then I can be reached at mic drop miniatures that calm. Okay, so I hope you enjoyed today's episode, and I really hope to hear from you soon. Take care   

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Hello, friends, and welcome to my miniature obsessionpodcast. I'm your host, Rachel Karpf. This podcast is about all thingsminiature, we will explore the world of minis in all its raw talent, dedication, patience, and the new energy of this art form. Here for miniature hobbyists and professionals from all over the world, we will gain a deeper insight into the creative processes that drive them. We will also explore what their biggest struggles are the most devastating failures and the most uplifting successes. I hope to encourage and inspire you in your miniature hobby. Because even the ordinary become extraordinary in miniature. Holly, how are you?   

Speaker  7:45  

I'm good. What's going on? I'm dressed it was not likeclean. Your way. I'm dressed. I'm just not clicking.   

Speaker  7:56  

Okay. Your video is not up yet. But that's okay. If youdon't want it.   

Speaker  8:00  

I thought it was here we go. Oh, they   

Speaker  8:01  

look at you. You're fine. Then before when you're like Idon't have clothes. I'm like, well no worries.   

Speaker  8:11  

I can't stay in this room anymore and got to clean. So Ijust did like a major ones over and I thought okay, this is enough for now.   

Speaker  8:19  

Oh, I was gonna say it looks amazing. Look behind me. Myroom is always a disaster. But I say as creatives I guess we we can have thatexcuse that our rooms can be really messy. Yeah, but if you're like me, when you get like a really good clean, don't you feel like you're more creative?   

Speaker  8:38  

Oh, absolutely. And I've always been this way as even as achild, even in school and studying. Like, I couldn't study for anything until Icleaned my room. You know, and sometimes when I need to work on a big project, I need to make sure everything's clean before I can do it. And it's just have always been smoke. It's crazy. But it had gotten really bad after last week, because, you know, last week I finally jumped back into working on the house and and this was just, I couldn't even move. I said this is ridiculous. I must clean it. So   

Speaker  9:12  

I feel like when you work on managers to it requires kind ofsometimes a lot of supplies or tools so it can get messy. Yes. But well thankyou for meeting with me today. I I've been following you on Instagram. And you know, you posted some things and then I realized, wow, we have a lot in common. Yeah, we are both graphic designers. You already have the Glowforge I really want to learn so I have some questions about that. And um, yeah, well, obviously the dollhouse miniatures, it's, it looks like you're getting into 3d printing, which I'm into. So we just have a lot in common. I think we're both creative junkie so I really wanted to just have you on and just pick your brain and I think I have The coolest job because I get to meet so many interesting people like yourself. So it's really fun to meet new people. So let's talk a little bit about I think I counted. You have four businesses. Is that correct? One, two. Yes. For Wow, yeah. Yeah. Do you sleep?   

Speaker  10:26  

Okay, I'm a spreadsheet junkie. So I even will take mybusinesses and put them in a, in a spreadsheet and figure out my days, like,what I can focus on this day and that day, and then I try to figure out how I can block things. So I'm, Pinterest is my game. And that's where I have seen traffic driven to my site more than any other thing other than YouTube. And so I, you know, will have to say like, Okay, this day, I'm working on Pinterest for these businesses, you know, some block them, or on this day, I'm filming videos for this business. And so if I don't do that, I can't get it done. And plus, I love like Asana. Asana is my project management app that I use to schedule everything. Because if it's not on there, it's not getting done.   

Speaker  11:14  

I've heard of that one. I was just gonna ask you if tailwindhas been your friend for?   

Speaker  11:18  

Yeah, so I used to go in with Pinterest. I recently justwell go back a bit. About four or five years ago, I took a Pinterest course, toreally help me learn how to use Pinterest better to drive traffic to my websites. And it worked great. And then all of a sudden this year, some things went different. Like they changed their whole algorithm. They weren't as interested in repins as they were fresh pins. And so I just took a new course from somebody. It's if I can say levy Road Studios, I mean, she's an Amy's amazing. She's constantly like researching everything. And I took this whole course and then I hired somebody to kind of go in and optimize my boards for SEO. And yeah, that's my traffic driver and tailwind is what makes me be able to stay on top of it. I can schedule. Like right now each one of my businesses has about 250 pins scheduled all the way through October, so   

Speaker  12:17  

I'm pretty jealous, but those don't work. For those thatdon't know what tailwind is it's basically a program that pins your yourInstagram or nice. Pinterest over   

Speaker  12:30  

you have Instagram feature, but I tried it and didn't likeit. So yeah,   

Speaker  12:35  

yeah, I haven't used it for that. I am. I'm barely latelythese days, like I'm just like, one day ahead. I'm relaxed like that. So it'shard. And then   

Speaker  12:46  

it's sometimes it's about making trying to make a habit. Andif I could pick like one thing to become a habit with and practice doing on theregular, then it just gets a little bit easier. And I've been using Asana to manage all of my business projects, all my tasks, and talking even like minute little tasks, like create a Pinterest graphic, write a Pinterest description, because for me and my brain, if I can check each one of those little things off, I feel like I've done it, I've done something that doesn't get missed, and I feel accomplished. And so I've been using that for about three years now. And I can't imagine not using it now. So it's only the keeps me on track.   

Speaker  13:27  

I feel like I need that for my personal life like Well, nowwe have four h now we have we have   

Speaker  13:34  

I have personal stuff on there, you know, file yourquarterly taxes and do this and do that. I mean, yeah, if I don't forget it.It's   

Speaker  13:40  

horrible. I have to look into that one. Yeah. And there's   

Speaker  13:43  

if there's a free plan, which is what I use, and it's great.So   

Speaker  13:48  

before we get into the miniatures, I just want to talk alittle bit about your other businesses. I want to show you I bought pen. I usea Wacom tablet, so a pen to me is always been my thing. I can't even use a mouse anymore. Yeah, I bought myself a stylus pen. And I've been using my iPad in procreate and I put a post recently I'm against my Facebook like I've neglected my kids because I now figured out what procreate is and it's amazing and then even have like videos in there that will video you know your work and it's addicting. So you have a business that you teach other people how to use your iPad with this. How on how fun. So how long have you been doing that?   

Speaker  14:38  

Well, let's let's see. I would say about six years now I'vebeen I've had Holly pixels calm for about six years and like I think I told youearlier is I started it as I was creating my own SVG files for Cricut and silhouette. And I was hand lettering everything in procreate and people were Why don't you do this and how did you do that? And all my life I've been kind of a teacher, you know, I've always been willing to share and because I feel like Why might Why would a gate keep that information for people, it's just, there's enough to go around. And so I decided to start teaching how to do lettering. So I started out with lettering on the iPad. And then it moved into some drawing on the iPad with procreate. And then it turned into like with digital planning, which kind of go with it, because we can create like, stickers and things in procreate that we can make digital to put into our cute digital planners. And yeah, it's just kind of evolved. And I brought on other people who sell like brushes for procreate or digital players stickers to sell in my shop. And we've been doing that, like I said, for about six years, and it grew from YouTube. You know, I was doing tutorials on there, and it just kind of like took off. And yeah, it's so much fun. It's a lot of fun.   

Speaker  15:54  

It sounds like fun. So you are an apple girl then allaround.   

Speaker  15:58  

Oh, yeah. iMac Pro. iPhone iPad Pro. Yes. Oh, yeah. All theway. I love my Apple products   

Speaker  16:05  

kind of fight in our house. It's exactly what my husband wassaying. It's so expensive. You could buy a PC for half the price and like, youjust don't get it. You know,   

Speaker  16:16  

my brother's the same as like, I could build you a PC forthis amount. Like, it's just not the same. You know, I mean, I understand. Butit's just the one thing I will spend money on, you know,   

Speaker  16:29  

I'm with you. So then you have SVG files, then you start touse those for laser cutting, which I'm so jealous you have you have a GlowforgeI'm gonna tell you a story   

Speaker  16:41  

about how are you ready for this? This is hilarious. So I'vehad about three years. And I want to say about three years ago, my brother andsister in law said come over for your birthday dinner, I will fix you a POJO fundido, which is my favorite meal. And we often do some we often do does a Mexican dish with chicken but it has it's so not good for you because it's got cream cheese and bacon and jalapenos and all that jazz around it. And margaritas will make it may make fresh margaritas every time you're with them. So of course, we're having some margaritas and my brother's like you gotta check out this really cool thing on YouTube. I want to show you it's like a laser cut. It's called a Glowforge. Because I remember seeing it when it was in a Kickstarter. Okay, sure. And we're watching these videos, and we're just drinking margaritas. Like it's nothing. And I'm like, Kami, I really want one of those is like, well, you should get one like with what you guys want, you know, you can get a Discover card with 0% interest for a year. And you can just pay it off after a year. And I'm also like, Well, okay, I think I'll do that. So yeah, a little minor margaritas turn into the buyer and go for   

Speaker  17:49  

I need to go to your house because I'm just on the fence andthen I go do I want to Glowforge? Or do I want a different brand? Yeah. Andthen you'll get caught up in the reviews. And so many people say Glowforge isn't good, and they're the best. And I think you have to   

Speaker  18:06  

think about how you're going to use it. If it is somethingthat you're going to use on a small scale, you know, for things likeminiatures, and when we started out, we were making key chains, we'd sell like acrylic planks and key chains and custom key chains with names and stuff with hand letter. All right hand lettering, procreate, you know, vector and illustrator, and we would cut out key chains. And that did really, really well, we weren't doing this, like these massive projects, they were really small kind of things. I think it was, it's great for that type, you know, or if you're in the crafting business, you're kind of smaller, but if you want to go something bigger, I would definitely look at something else because they're not open source. So you can't really you know, you can't like change out parts and you know, that kind of thing. And so I've run into issues where I've had twice not long ago, I first got it, I had to send it back and get another one. Because the I don't know what happened but like it just gave him power. And this last time we went back and forth over it getting stuck on trying to like center and focus and they finally were like well we're moving our facility for repairs and we don't really have a way to like take any thing right now but we could sell you a used one for the cost of what it would cost to repair it which was like $700 or something and I was like $7 repair it but I go okay, but a new glow board would cost me you know, so I just did it but I said if this one goes out I'll go to something else for sure. What   

Speaker  19:36  

do you know what you would go to?   

Speaker  19:38  

Um, I don't I mean I've been looking I think I think it wasyou or told me was somebody else? I can't remember there was another brand likea thunder or something. I can't remember what it's called down and and then I've heard of like the mirror I think you're so heard of different ones and just like you said you see different reviews. And you go   

Speaker  19:57  

huge investment. Yes.   

Speaker  19:59  

Because if I'm going to go with another one, I'm going withanother like a bigger, better one that's got like, you know, better service andbetter features and that Rotary, I want the rotary engraving. So bad.   

Speaker  20:15  

Kind of a backstory on my, my laser cutter, when we moved tothis house two years ago, I have this room which I'm in now videoing thispodcast. And I'm like, wow, so big, like, what am I going to put in here? It's awesome. And now I just told my husband, I think I need to build on and we need a new house because I'm running out of room. So I like started to take up other areas of the house. And so when I told him I wanted a laser cutter, he's like, Well, how big is it. And then when I started to measure, I'm like, oh, it's actually pretty big. I'm looking at the mirror, five. And then the guy told me it's like, 500 pounds. And I'm like, oh, in the basement, like, I got to ventilate it. I started telling them all this stuff. And I could see him like, oh, man,   

Speaker  21:03  

recently moves. So the Glowforge used to be in the basement.Well, backstory, this room was my grandmother's bedroom, I was a caretaker forher, she had Alzheimer's. And last August, I finally had to put her in memory care. So my basement was where my office was, and it's a split level home. So I don't have like a full huge basement, just have, like, you know, half the house kind of basement size. And I said, you know, what, I think will be my office upstairs. So it started out with my office was up here. And then it was, well, I'm gonna move my 3d printers here. And then it was, well, I'm gonna move my, my stickers and inventory I have for sale here, too. And then my brother was like, well, we're building a house. And we really need to sell our house and have a place to stay while our house is being built. Can we stay in your basement was like, Okay, I guess. But now, where does the Glowforge go? Because like you said, it has to be vented, and there's no room in this room for it. So it's in the garage now, which is great, because you just stick the hose up the front of the garage where you're using it and you're fine. But   

Speaker  22:03  

but you might not know where my climate.   

Speaker  22:06  

We're in Colorado, so I only moved it in May. And it wascold in May. So yeah, it was cold in May. So come into September, October. I'mlike, I think we're gonna end up having to move it like in the dining room or something. I don't know where I'm gonna be able to move it because I don't think there'll be in their home until October. So   

Speaker  22:26  

but the Glowforge is pretty small, right? I mean, you canfit that out. Oh, yeah. Yeah, we have it   

Speaker  22:31  

on. So I have these IKEA tables, you know, these Lindmantables from IKEA. So they have the smallest one they have, I know what thewidth is. It's like 40 Something inches, it fits on that perfectly, perfectly. And that's what it's been on. And then I have the IKEA rolling cart with the drawers. It's like the wider one and that I keep, like, you know, materials, acrylic frosted acrylic, and things like that inside. And so it's helpful, but it's all on my garage right now.   

Speaker  23:01  

So do you think it's hard, like the learning curve on lasercutter is hard? For some of you,   

Speaker  23:08  

you know how to use SVG files, like with a Cricut or asilhouette, then you know how to use it. It's not hard. If you're going todesign stuff with it, you need to have some sort of vector skills. So obviously, I'm Adobe Illustrator, girl, I've used it for years and years. So I create everything in there, save it as SVG. And it's pretty easy to use. But I will say that Glowforge has an amazing community. So like, if you're stuck, and you just go onto their forum and ask a question, somebody is gonna have an answer for you right away. You know, and I've learned a lot of tricks from people in there, you know, like, Oh, if I don't if I want to cut on like the like a two millimeter kind of wood, what would I buy settings kind of be just like to get used to Yeah, and then like, they're, they're, they're telling you, or they'll say you need to get magnets to hold your wood down. Because sometimes it can kind of warp your wood can, depending on your climate and how you haven't. Okay, cool, you know, and it was like an amazing trick to learn from people. So they're always in there sharing, which I think is what helps a whole lot. But, you know, if you know how to use a Cricut or a silhouette, your goal, you're fine. Yeah.   

Speaker  24:20  

So will you be selling your SVG files for dollhouses?   

Speaker  24:23  

I don't know. I'm torn. I'm torn torn. If I want to sell theSVG files, or if I want to just sell kits, like, I'll cut it for you. And hereyou go. You put it together.   

Speaker  24:34  

What about both? Well, I   

Speaker  24:35  

thought about that too. So I can torn I like I made I knowyou can't say here you probably saw on Instagram, I made a little porch swing.I just decided a little straighter cut it out. And I thought, well, maybe I'll sell the file then I'm like, Well, how you don't have laser cutters. It just went to pieces and well maybe you could just tell that so I'm kind of on the fence right now of how I want to do that. Because I want to make a lot of the stuff for my house. And I also love supporting other people who make things. And there's not a ton of that on line. You know, I mean, I tried to find 3d files to print and there's just not a lot, you know,   

Speaker  25:13  

3d is another beast.   

Speaker  25:15  

I know I want I mean, I want those. And I, you know, I thinkit's just I think it's a market that has a huge potential to kind of getstarted, and, you know, take off, so   

Speaker  25:26  

maybe I see you love polls. So do I, maybe we should write apoll. How many creators have laser cutters, right? It's really not that many.So that idea that don't have vector programs or things like that, you know, SVG files, if you could buy one. You it would be amazing. Yes. Like 3d I sometimes with my 3d printer, I have this friend that I met, and he's really talented. I'm like, can I just pay you to make the 3d file? Because for me to sit down, and to make it would be well worth the money. But yes, I give to you. Don't   

Speaker  26:05  

you find us like if you're used to apps like, you know,Illustrator, or Photoshop, and then you try to go into 3d apps, it's like, notthe same because everybody goes, Oh, you'll you'll pick it up, like, oh, no, I'm trying to do the same command shortcuts and nothing's happening. And I get mad. And   

Speaker  26:25  

I made a picture the other day for my subscription box formargaritas. And I do just the spout to make a spout the way I wanted wasdriving me crazy. So yeah, it's way different. So it's something I'm learning. And I'm taking a course on it. Because yeah, it is. It's not that easy. So I'm glad to hear that laser cutting will be easier.   

Speaker  26:50  

I think it is. It's very similar to cutting vinyl. And it'sthe whole process is pretty, I mean, you do you have to you do have to learnlike your layers of like, okay, you know, what I'm engraving, what I'm scoring, what I'm cutting, like how you want to do them in that order, and then you tell it, you know, I want to engrave this. And this is the one I'm using. It's pretty straightforward. But yeah, it's fun. It is fun.   

Speaker  27:18  

So do you use resin or I see behind you filament for you.   

Speaker  27:23  

I have a resin printer and I have a filament printer. Now Igot the filament printer and I don't know how to use it. It's funny because myso my brothers loves 3d printing. And I asked him if I want to get a resin printer which one should I get? And he told me to get this any Q note this photon zero any cubic, but the bed is not big enough. And I wish I had gotten the bigger, you know, plate instead of the smaller one that I have.   

Speaker  27:52  

Whether you trying to print on it, that it's too small.Well, like   

Speaker  27:55  

I was thinking I wanted to do like I saw a 3d file for awrought iron headboard design for a bed, which I thought was super cute, butit's just too big for the plate. So I said okay, there's gonna be times I'm going to run into things where I might something a little bit bigger. So maybe I need this the filament printer. So we went to, I know a simple tech store here in Denver, and I said, Okay, let's just get it but you got to teach me how to use it. But has he taught me? No. So it's it's sitting there? Pretty   

Speaker  28:25  

good. What you make with it? The only thought I had with youlike your bed. Can you angle it? So it's upright?   

Speaker  28:32  

I think it's too wide. Because this this bed, this littletray or this little plate on the photon zero is not as wide as I thought itwould be. So   

Speaker  28:44  

I feel like I have the same one but maybe not. I'd have tolook like the basic one. It's the lowest one. Yeah, you have so many tools.Like I was just thinking you have I'm probably sure you have a a printers like because you   

Speaker  29:02  

I have 123 in here. I have a sublimation printer, colorprinter and then a regular laser printer. Yes.   

Speaker  29:11  

Can you just talk a little bit about the sublimationprinters and like your process there. A lot of people are familiar with that.   

Speaker  29:20  

So sublimation is technically it's a it's a type of papers,you have to get a special type of paper that you print full color designs ontypically a PNG file that's, you know, transparent on the edges. But it can be like you know, textures and watercolors it could be really pretty and you would print on the transcript on the sublimation paper. And then you have to use certain types of like material has to be like a polyester type material or a polyester blend that has like a I think it's like 50% or more polyester in the blend of the shirt and you heat press and onto the shirt and you have like this pretty design that's almost like screen printing but you don't feel Like the the ink or anything like that, so when   

Speaker  30:06  

I know how to do it on wood or anything then or   

Speaker  30:09  

settle me on wood. Yes you can. There are some like spraysand stuff that you can kind of spray down to help it not just adhere but be alittle bit more vibrant. So there are like a lot of blanks out there. You can buy socks that are sublimation blanks that you can do all over prints on pop sockets, like a little blanks for those key chains, lots of different things you can do dog tags. There are tumblers and mugs you could sublimate   

Speaker  30:38  

on and chide anything for miniature.   

Speaker  30:42  

Not a sublimation yet. Haven't I was thinking of maybe likelittle pillows, like just sublimate designs, as opposed to printing onprintable fabric to see if I get like a prettier vibrant color from it.   

Speaker  30:56  

But a matte something in like mats for like the front door.Like that would work.   

Speaker  31:04  

Maybe I would I would imagine, I don't imagine it would beyou could I don't know why you couldn't, you know? There's like a lot of thingsyou could probably do with it. You could probably do like little blankets or throws or you know, stuff like that, too.   

Speaker  31:21  

Yeah, I need a bigger room because now I want these.   

Speaker  31:25  

Well, it's funny. Here's the funny thing was I got theprinter that's here the smaller color printer, Epson eco tank, so they put youI know,   

Speaker  31:35  

are they expensive, sorry,   

Speaker  31:37  

that was only about that was probably like the $200 rangethat one was okay, and it's just an inkjet printer. And you just can putsublimation inks in it. But when I got it, I realized I didn't get a wide format and I thought I'm really gonna want wide format for sublimation, especially for like sweatshirts and shirts and stuff like that. And so I knew they made another model of this, and it's been out of stock everywhere. And I finally found one stock on Amazon. I know I paid way higher for it than it's worth. And so then I bought the sublimation inks, and I put the inset so when you buy one, an inkjet printer, you can pretty much turn any inkjet printer into sublimation, they're just certain ones have a little bit better quality, but you can't put any other inks in the tank. It has to be sublimation first only so that's why I have to color and that one or I wouldn't have I probably wouldn't have done that. So yeah,   

Speaker  32:36  

of all your favorite little or your all your gadgets. Whichfavorite you got the resin? You got the Cricut Glowforge I   

Speaker  32:45   

would say the glow for I would say laser cutting is myfavorite. Yeah, I think it is i i really don't know my Cricut super well otherthan I printed cut stickers on it. That's about all I know how to do on it. A lot of times my mom will be like, can you cut something for me? And I'm like, I don't know how to do that. You have to tell me what I need to do. You know, she's got a silhouette. And I I was like, I don't know how to do it. Yeah,   

Speaker  33:15  

I'm sure you'll learn because I'm very techie.   

Speaker  33:18  

But I'm like, I'm like you like you see, you see these likeshiny new things, and you want to try it and you want to do it. You know, like,I just that's what I want to do. And then I realized I don't have time to do it all but because when somebody goes, Oh, you're gonna do da stuff. And I was like, that's just to teach me patience.   

Speaker  33:38  

That's a good segue. Next, I was going to ask you how yougot started with miniatures. You just started. You said January of this year.   

Speaker  33:46  

Yeah, I before that, I would see things on Instagram. And Iwould send for some reason my friend and I would send them back and forth. Iknow what it was, it was like something Ray done related because we both were in our gray done mugs. And I think we had sent it like Look at this cute little miniature Ray done little mug rack, you know, it was so cute. And so we just kept sending back and forth on things. And I'm like, I go, Oh, I this is so cute. I would love to get into this and she goes me too. I would love it would be so much fun. And then I finally just said you know what I'm going to do this year, I'm just going to make a little room box. I'm going to teach myself something new and force myself not to work on weekends and only just play with like something that's not business related and just kind of have fun with it. And again, teach myself some patience and just learn how to just enjoy something as opposed to turning it into a business as we've talked about me turning things into business. And now it's my turn my brain works. And so yeah, I just decided to do that I followed. On Tik Tok. Her name is simply living many exists Her name is Can't remember name now. Oh God, I feel horrible. It sounds just all the room boxes like a bunch of a monitor. Was that her? Yeah. And I was like what scale you do? This is so amazing. These are so cute. Oh my gosh, these are so wonderful. And so that kind of inspired me just to kind of just go for it. So and yeah.   

Speaker  35:18  

So you made a room back? Did you hang it on the wall?   

Speaker  35:21  

No, because I ended up making it like a little tight, almostlike a dollhouse for the roof. So it's kind of like it just didn't work forthat. So and I really screwed up some scaling and stuff and it but that's okay. Because I'm like, I'm learning. I was just trying to learn how to do it, you know? So it's in my bedroom now.   

Speaker  35:39  

So now you're working on the Vermont farmhouse. Yeah. Oh,did you just saw it? And like, I like that. Yes,   

Speaker  35:47  

I just saw Well, for one, I thought it's not as big as someof these really big ones. And I thought, okay, it's not going to give a lot ofspace. So I have room for it. And I just bit the bullet and got it. So I'm gonna get this and just do it. And I bought a little garage to it. It's a kit that I did my father obviously put it together yet to put next to it. So I think that looks so adorable. But yeah, that's you.   

Speaker  36:12  

So it's very modern, which is kind of my style to do you saythat you decorate your house, your real house like you would your dollhouse? Oris it kind of like yeah, how you want to decorate?   

Speaker  36:23  

This one is about how I would how I kind of decorate like myliving room is very kind of more modern farmhouse look, you know, that kind ofstyle. It has, like, lots of whites and grays and stuff like that. Now this room is just boring. But yeah, so but I think if I were to do another one because my think my style is is changing. I would definitely go more glam boho, as opposed to you know, farmhouse, like I love more greenery and more like pots of flowers and different things like that and the muted colors and and just kind of more like a like grownup version as opposed to the hippie style of boho, you know, I think I would go that way. But I don't know,   

Speaker  37:17  

you you already have your next project planned   

Speaker  37:20  

out. I know what's funny is my, my nephew goes well, whenyou're done with his house, can we haven't him and his sister? They're six andthree? And I said, Does that mean I have to do another one after this? Because yes.   

Speaker  37:35  

So what do you love making the most like, Have you attemptedclay and all that are mostly just construction of the home? It's   

Speaker  37:43  

been mostly construction. So I started on it. I rememberwhen I started on it, Oh, gosh. But I wouldn't. It's when my brother and hisfamily moved. And I kind of went into like this like depressed mood because my whole like, how by House changed, my routines changed. And I just didn't touch it for a few months. And I was like, I gotta get back to that I really, really do. And I just said, I don't want to do something if I'm not interested in doing it right now. And so it wasn't until a few weeks ago, I finally logged back into my Instagram for asset manager. And I was like, Oh, I feel inspired. You know, these people are so amazing. They're so helpful. They're so creative. They're so inspiring. I can do this, I can get back into this. And so last week when I should have been working, working, I was playing with the dollhouse and doing things and I changed the color of the outside. I just changed my whole like trajectory of what I was thinking I was going to do, you know with it, and I think it just kind of sparked something in me. So I've really only done outside stuff right now. I'm getting ready to do flooring this weekend inside so it's almost ready to start doing inside things.   

Speaker  39:00  

So then will you make all the accessories and everything ordo you think you'll mostly collect on that?   

Speaker  39:06  

I think it'd be a mix of both, I think because, you know,like I said there's so many talented, talented people on Etsy I can sit thereforever looking at things and what people are doing on Instagram and I'll even DM somebody and say, can you make this you know, you know, it just I got the cutest little read through my door from the my mini porch lady. Oh my gosh, it is so adorable for Halloween because I'm going to do like a pink and orange kind of theme for the outside. And she made me read and so I just know, you know, it's I think it's so important to like support other people too and their creativeness and their craftiness and their businesses. Obviously, I want to try to make the things that I think I can make, but also recognize when there's somebody else out there who has that talent that I can go to that. I know I can buy something from so   

Speaker  39:58  

yeah, there are a lot of talent Tip managers. And I want tosay that Colorado has a show. I don't know because pandemic if it's going on orwhatever,   

Speaker  40:09  

it's coming up, but I don't remember. I got an email not toolong ago. Yes, there's a show coming up this fall. Next month maybe No, I gottaremember I need to sign up. I have I   

Speaker  40:21  

used to live in Colorado, and I haven't been back since. Andso maybe I need to go to have to look that up. Yeah, I said, it's my goal tomake it to one show a year whether I have to fly there or Well, Chicago's kind of given cuz they live so close to there. But I would love to like, that's my thing, right? Every year I get to find a show. I still haven't picked one for this year. I should probably hurry before the world closes again.   

Speaker  40:49  

As somebody who's semi new to all this. It was like, Oh,wow, their shows you know, it's like this is so cool. Because are not here. Idon't think there's very many great stores that sell anything. And I went to a hobby store way out and like liquid or something and I was really disappointed in it. It wasn't really what it seemed to be online and you know, so I get jealous of people who go to these amazing stores. I see them posting like I want to go there but I'm probably getting I don't because I would just   

Speaker  41:23  

they are they are a bender a few of them and they're prettyamazing. Yeah, I just you know, won't take my husband again. Cuz then I feellike I'm being rushed.   

Speaker  41:32  

Oh, I'm never worse. You think they just don't get it?Right?   

Speaker  41:36  

They don't. But he he was good. He didn't say anything. Hejust you know, he looks in but I could have spent a couple more hours there forsure. Well, um, so yeah, I love your creations. I can't wait to see. Sounds like you got some pretty cool things coming up your garage. Can't wait to see. Oh, one thing I wanted to say to you mentioned your grandma, have you ever thought of making her something to spark some memories from maybe her house?   

Speaker  42:06  

You know, no, only because she didn't really live in theplace. She lived in very long. I was. I mean, it was it was well after herhusband had passed. And so she was already like in her 60s or so when she lived in that home. And I don't know about any of the other homes before that. As far as like what life was like for her in those homes. I know, if she were to see this, she would be like, Whoa, she would think it was pretty amazing. You know, and having her having to go in during a pandemic. We haven't been able to, like, you know, bring her home for holidays or anything and have very limited time that we've been able to see her. But I know if I brought her here to see it, she would just be amazed. She would think it was so amazing. But she's always been very supportive of everything I do. So you know, that's how grandmas are.   

Speaker  43:02  

Yeah, I just say that cuz why me my grandparents kitchen.And then. So every Yeah. And so it sparks a lot of memories for my grandma.Like when I went bring it around. And so for every 100 order, I decided and partnered with a local senior center and people that recently moved into this assisted living, I would make something for them, whether it just be like a corner of their living room with their favorite chair, you know, match the wallpaper or match the carpet just to try to spark some type of memory.   

Speaker  43:34  

That is amazing. I love that. Yeah. So   

Speaker  43:36  

I thought of your grandma, maybe if there was income   

Speaker  43:39  

here. There are things I'm sure like little pieces ofsomething. Yeah, I could totally do. That's a good idea. I didn't even thinkabout that. I've just been sending I got her digital photo frame and I just have been piling pictures on it. And I've had them you know, set it up for because I couldn't go in her room go upstairs or her room or anything. And I think she loves   

Speaker  44:00  

anything. So it's just a thought now that you're Yeah,creating and you could make something like that for her.   

Speaker  44:06  

That's a good idea. I love that. I love   

Speaker  44:08  

any idea what you would make?   

Speaker  44:10  

I don't know. Gosh, you know, she used to have as a kidgrowing up in the 70s she was she you know she had a thing for Elvis Presleygrowing up and there's a girl you know, the girl in the mini Graceland on Instagram that love her stuff. And she would always talk about Allison she had this one of those record players that you know, was like the big thing when you lift it up and that would be 70 to make or something like that. They go with some little Elvis records or something. She loved Chuck Berry. She loved Elvis. She loved it. She would do twist contests with my grandpa and say when some of them and so I think that would be kind of fun. That's a good idea.   

Speaker  44:51  

I actually have I'm making records right now. Actually, Ican go. Yeah, I could send you that as well. That'd be so cool. What is it? STL404? Pretty   

Speaker  45:02  

printing? Yes,   

Speaker  45:04  

you could print it off.   

Speaker  45:05  

So are you getting good at that? Because I am not.   

Speaker  45:10  

I'm, well, I'll be honest, these records came from myfriend.   

Speaker  45:15  

Yeah, I need to find a friend who can use it.   

Speaker  45:20  

I actually found him on Facebook in a forum, I reached outand said, Can someone make files for me and he reached out he was, you know,really nice. We've been talking. So once in a while he'll make me files. But I've been playing around in Tinkercad. And I feel like I'm at that next level. Yeah. Cuz Yeah, I just really want to, like, for example, I'm making pumpkins, and I just really want to make like, the sides look contented and realistic. So that requires brushes and Tinkercad I don't think really offers what I want. Yeah. So yeah, it's one of those courses that I'm going to take and try to teach myself but time, you know, I block that time and to learn.   

Speaker  46:04  

Exactly, but like, there's just not enough time to want todo it all. You know,   

Speaker  46:10  

I know more. So maybe I could find that miniatures to thathas a program that they're teaching that would be awesome. Yeah, maybe I canlearn and teach. You learn if   

Speaker  46:21  

you teach. That would be I would be their first student.   

Speaker  46:25  

But yeah, all the possibilities, right.   

Speaker  46:28  

I know I keep thinking like people who could teach likelighting courses online. Like I don't feel like I'm that people teach in theonline with miniatures. Like there's a few YouTube channels out there that have some good stuff, but not like in depth. You know, there's just a couple. i There's just such a market out there for people to be jumping in on that. So   

Speaker  46:46  

I know and there, there is so many great in person classes.Yeah, I feel. But yeah, I feel your there was just that one that I IDMA I mighteven getting that right. I think that's right. But they have like a whole week long of classes. Like How amazing would that be, but who No, I can't take a week off just to go   

Speaker  47:07  

over like, like, within the industries that I've been inwhere I've taken like, you know, blogging and social media and SEO typecourses, like a summit for the week that work if you pay for it, or you can join for free if they're live but you could pay you could get the recordings now that would be a whole nother you know, I would be willing to pay just to have recordings you know, I share Yeah, yeah, I think we need to get on this   

Speaker  47:35  

podcast about miniatures, but really why don't you telleveryone where they can find you can find your miniatures and then I'll alsoput them in the show notes so that they can like click and find you easily. But   

Speaker  47:49  

yeah, so Aspen miniature is the Instagram and I did create awebsite for it while I was blogging the room box part, but I haven't reallykept up with it. I think I will, if I decide to sell some of my files so and then a tick tock also asked manager which I'm not all the time, but sometimes I have a cute, you know, video I can put up and I just stick it out on there. And then Pinterest as well. I pin all kinds of dollhouse stuff on Pinterest on under Aspen miniature as well. So that's where you'll find everything. I'm not like strict with it. Like I do my business stuff. You know, but but   

Speaker  48:27  

this isn't really a business right member?   

Speaker  48:29  

No, it's not. It's not a business.   

Speaker  48:34  

Like me, in so many ways, because it brings me back memorieslike I used to make several rare jewelry. So let's you know, start up somethingthere. And then let's do resin. I really love resin. So then I would take dried flowers from people's funerals or memorial and make them something whether it was a keychain whether it was a necklace, so then I got into that and then incorporated the silverware with it. And oh, yeah, I've had lots of businesses too.   

Speaker  49:03  

Yeah, it's like, you know, now I try to find ways to make mybusiness where I can do certain thing that can be in the different areas so I'mnot making the same thing all do something different all the time. Yeah, I think I go crazy if I um, but learning to just kind of slow down and not try to do it all is is definitely a challenge for me.   

Speaker  49:28  

And you're so creative and people tell me this all the time.You know, like you know how to do illustrator you know how to make SVG files,you find it very easy. Other people don't so I think you know, you selling your SVG files is very helpful to others and very serving. Oh, and   

Speaker  49:47  

I also believe when you're selling things like that, likekits or those types of things is having a video instruction like some way tolike show people I'm a visual learner, and there's a lot of that lacking too and you know, That's how Holly pixels became what it was, is because of YouTube and that I just think that's so important to show people how to use something, you know, there's two people to sell an SVG file and they don't really like, you know, go into it. And I think that's just so important. So because there are people there who don't understand, and they want to know, but they want that cricket, but they don't know how to use it. And, you know, super important. Yeah, yeah. So yeah.   

Speaker  50:30  

Enjoy your day.   

Speaker  50:31  

Thank you. I'm   

Speaker  50:32  

saying Have fun ever get Colorado again? i Yeah. I wouldlove that. What   

Speaker  50:37  

part of Colorado were you in?   

Speaker  50:39  

Um, Denver, Denver? Yeah, I lived right down by like 6/16Street Mall. Like right down. Oh, wow. You're   

Speaker  50:47  

way down there then. My brother's a lieutenant paramedic atDenver Health. By living Aurora. So yeah.   

Speaker  50:54  

And then my boyfriend at the time with me to really? Oh,thank you though. Greely? Yeah, and then I'm like, did not like that place.   

Speaker  51:04  

This is horrible to say but come on. The news is whenthere's like a murder or something.   

Speaker  51:09  

It just sunk in Greeley. I think that that business but therefinery Yeah. When I some just to say no. But when sometimes here inWisconsin, when the when the clouds sometimes are in the horizon. I just like I visualize their mountains and my back in Denver.   

Speaker  51:28  

Well, I moved here from St. Louis so Midwest, so I get it. Idon't miss the humidity. Don't get me wrong. Do not miss that. But I do missthose thunderstorms and that kind of weather. You know,   

Speaker  51:42  

like the tornadoes we just had here those   

Speaker  51:47  

which I when I was in St. Louis i i became a trained weatherspotter took one of those like two day courses at the community college tobecome a trade weather spotter. And then like a year after that, I moved here and like well, a lot of good that's it.   

Speaker  52:00  

It's scary, but I'd rather be in a tornado. I just toldsomeone then an earthquake. Yes, please. You have warning unless you'resleeping like we were but yeah, I No. basement and I feel like I can hide kind of have a mentor NATO earthquake. You really can't   

Speaker  52:16  

know. Exactly. It's scary. It's very scary situation. Yeah.Colorado. What   

Speaker  52:20  

do you have snow that? I mean, I feel like, yeah,   

Speaker  52:23  

we've had a flash flooding this summer, though. And mybasement leaked because of it. And it was just a whole fun thing we had to dealwith. But it's been smoky, really smoky, this past few weeks. So like the air quality has been so bad that they're like, it's like a it's like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. You know, it's just in Canada. It's I think it's Canada and Oregon. Like kind of that whole north west side of the country where it's just kind of coming down. I mean, to the point where it's, you're sitting outside, you're just like my eyes burn. You know, it's just so bad. I haven't seen the mountains in a long time. Let's put it that way.   

Speaker  52:59  

And when I say thing about California, Colorado when I livedthere, I was young, so I'm kind of naive, I guess. But everything I cook, I'dburn. And they never really understood what the heck,   

Speaker  53:12  

that houses who can't bake. I tried to bake cookies fromscratch like sugar cookies that I could do amazingly in Missouri. But comehere. Have I tried different flowers like the high altitude flower? Yeah, I just Yeah, it's   

Speaker  53:25  

really a thing. It was.   

Speaker  53:28  

Totally is it really really is. Yeah.   

Speaker  53:32  

Well, thank you again. I love this conversation. enjoyedmeeting you and I can't wait to see what else you have coming up and Instagram.   

Speaker  53:39  

Thank you for having me.   

Speaker  53:40  

I guess now I have to get on YouTube and watch yourPinterest. Oh, yeah. So thank you, you have a great day. All right.   

Speaker  53:48  

Bye. Thanks.   

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